We are looking for a smart and open-minded engineer to join our team of Fintech developers.

Location: Warsaw, The Nest – Piękna

Our requirements

  • Looking for the best of the best QA engineers (or someone with potential, who wants to learn from the best development team in the industry and self-improve)
  • 2-years experience on the position related to QA/Product ownership
  • Being able to understand complex business logic
  • Being able to follow product vision and general approach to quality (from business logic to user experience)
  • Attention to details
  • Creativity, thinking outside the box
  • Very good English speaking and writing skills
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills

What we offer

  • Taking part in product development for top FinTech companies in the UK
  • Freedom and time to find the best possible approach to QA (a lot of responsibility goes along)
  • Have an impact on the whole product
  • Working inside a development team
  • Learn from and share knowledge with the best developers, designers and product owners in the industry
  • Take part in the large-scale project (make an impact on hundreds of thousands of users)

How we work

  • We work from Monday to Friday (0,5 h lunch break included)
  • We are not working during weekends and holidays
  • From time to time we are visiting our clients in UK to build stronger connection with other team members and the whole company (flights and accomodation are covered)

Are you ready for building some new great FinTech product? Apply now!