React Native is an open-source, mobile application framework that took the industry by storm. It’s flexible, scalable and allows to simplify and boost product development. Is it for you? How can your project benefit from migrating to React Native? Naturally, the best choice is to build from scratch. What best apps built with React Native are there? Find a similar one and get inspired!

React Native was created by Facebook to optimize the process of updating their app. With React Native, you can develop an app on iOS and Android. You can also have a web version of the application. The same codebase, the same workload, tremendous cost and time efficiency. If you want to know more about the framework, read our article A Guide for React Native in 2023.

The list below contains a list of some of the most popular solutions out there. Keep in mind that you need a team to create and maintain the project. Either is team augmentation services or end-to-end software development, it’s good to test the waters and find a vendor you can really trust.

OK, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best apps built with React Native that you can mirror in your product

Facebook app

There’s no alternate reality where we start with something different. Since the framework have been developed by the company, it’s a natural choice for an opener. The main role of React Native in this case is performance improvements.


If e-commerce had one rule it would be the one about quick updates. Do or die, there is no try. Do it fast or someone else will hijack the traffic. Flipkart, a giant in internet retail, uses React Native since 2016.


React Native is also great for FinTech. Either it’s investing or managing personal finances, users need a certain level of optimization. Being laggy it’s out of the question; money is a way too serious subject. That’s why companies in the industry are massively interested with React Native. Contents of apps are available always, on demand and there’s no fuss while updating info between different versions on different systems.


It’s only fitting that a global leader in producing electric cars would have an app dedicated to control their products. A user can manage battery, panoramic roof, clocks, locks, an access to the car. All from within the app.


This innovative marketplace offers homestays, lodging and vacation rentals. Some could even say that the company invented, or at least revolutionize the industry of renting places to other people. When Airbnb started a website in 2009, mobile access to the riches of the internet wasn’t that obvious. With the dramatic increase in traffic and only website at its disposal, the company have searched for something more scalable and sustainable. That’s how the shift to React Native came to be.


Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world. With over 10,500 stores in 24 countries worldwide, the company needs efficient tools to sell products and manage online presence. There was a time that Walmart ran with two apps, one being a grocery one, with #1 spot on the App Store. In 2018 company set their aim on switching to React Native for performance. Since then, the company not always made a change but also made a decision to maintain one app. It’s cheaper, simpler and more efficient.


Another example of a great FinTech app. Coinbase is a go-to place for everything crypto. Just like in a previously mentioned situation with NerdWallet – the priority is stability and availability of the app, since money requires smooth sales. Since majority of the existing cryptocurrencies are supported by the app (which is thousands) you can be sure that the app is stable to handle the traffic, with selling and buying operations as priorities.


It’s one of the largest and most vibrant chats out there. Utilized mostly by the video gaming industry, it serves as the tool for community creation and marketing outreach. With over 100 milion users worldwide, the application requires stable servers and app infrastructure to handle not only traffic, but also exchange of files, mostly videos. Also live transmissions, which is a key functionality for a lot of gamers. React Native handles it all.


The app is dedicated to foodies and all people that like to eat and track calories. Users take pictures of their plates and in a matter of seconds, the count is in. Users can also take pictures of packaged and branded food; the app will recognize the barcode. React Native won the hearts of the team because the ability to have one database for all products was a key to market success. Especially when the app is free and people are storming the gates to put their hands on a product.


As one of the most popular customer relations management system (CRM) on the planet, Salesforce heavily relies on databases and the ability to quickly access and edit them. That’s why team’s priority was making sure people can ran their businesses from phones. Salesforce is ready for everything you throw at it, mainly because of the scalability coming from React Native background.


At Code & Pepper, we think long and hard about the best way to serve our clients. Just like businesses mentioned above, we thrive when users are happy. That’s why our priority has always been our modern tech stack for scalable apps. React Native plays huge role, because we want to make sure our partners have stable and reliable source of income.

That comes from user trust. We know how to get it. Our React Native developers know what it takes to build a performing app. If you want to challenge the status quo and build another market hit – we are here to help you.