Author: Julia Paduszynska

FinTech Wire #9: British FinTech Goes Global and Cross-Border Payments Make it to LATAM

2020 was definitely an eventful year with many unexpected turns. During this turbulent time, we had the unquestionable pleasure of sharing with our readers every memorable event from the world of digital finance in our weekly FinTech Wire. Now the year is slowly coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that there is any less to talk about. So what has this week brought for FinTech geeks?

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FinTech Wire #8: Cross-Border Instant Payments in the UK and FinTech Giants Entering New Fields

Every single week we deliver hand-picked headlines from the world of FinTech to keep our readers updated with the latest industry news. In this issue, we’ll hear from new players in the payments market, as well as incumbents and top brands blazing the trail with groundbreaking solutions. Sound exciting? It is! So read on…

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Painless Payments: Top 5 Online Payment Processing Companies for Startups

Every digital business needs a reliable toolset that will support its operations. And for many of them, online payment processing platforms are essential: according to a 2018 survey, 62% of UK’s small and medium enterprises use digital solutions to make or accept payments. However, choosing among a plethora of payment processing companies is not a breeze. This one decision can have serious implications in multiple areas, starting with customer experience, transaction security, and even your business cash flow. 

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