Project Manager

10000 - 15000 PLN


Project Manager 10000 - 15000 PLN B2B contract, Remote

What is the purpose of this role within our Company

Project managers within Code and Pepper are the driving force behind each engagement – whether this is a project, team augmentation or simple task for a Customer. Their engagement when Sales Team raises a potential project and ends with closing all project-related activities, once the work is completed. Throughout the project, you will facilitate all aspects of its delivery. You will be making sure that you have a team that is needed to do the work, together with Engineering Management. You will be watching over the work of Agile Coach, to make sure that the product is built in line with expectations. You will cooperate closely with the Product Owner and other key members of the project team to make sure that the project has everything it needs. You will be able to count on other project managers, as well as Head of PM that you will be reporting to, to give you the support you need to handle the project.

What you will be responsible for

  • Initiating and building projects from their inception. You will have to plan how it’s going to be done and convince all stakeholders that this is a good plan
  • You will have to be able to control your project current situation and address the issues based on your assessment. You will report the current situation on your project to all levels of stakeholders
  • You will keep maintaining relationships with the Customers and making sure that their needs are heard and understood
  • You will be facilitating and always improving whole communication on a project. Project Managers indeed communicate most of the time
  • On the other hand, you will need to sit alone from time to time, to think what does and what does not work on your projects, and figure out how to solve these problems
  • Your projects will be built to match the specific set of requirements, therefore they may be Agile, Waterfall or both to some degree. You will need to be prepared to work in all possible scenarios and understand the principles behind them well enough, to decide which one to apply
  • You will always work on more than one project. Projects pace is sometimes quick, but there are times when you’re waiting, so you need more than one project to keep you focused enough to enjoy your day
  • You will be making difficult decisions and act as a leader that drives the change following them, for your project team. You will need to be able to analyse possible scenarios, pitch the best way forward and be determined enough to make it happen. 
  • As long as you will be able to justify your actions, you will be given a huge amount of ownership over your project. We will trust you and let you do your thing. You need to be comfortable with being given such space
  • You will be creating projects documentation, both by following the existing standards and building on them. You need to be able to understand and build spreadsheets, as they are widely used in controlling projects in Code and Pepper
  • You will work in English most of the time. You will need to be comfortable enough with it, otherwise, it will jeopardize everything you do
  • Our official language in Code&Pepper is Polish. We expect that your Polish proficiency level is at least B1/B2.
  • We are now in a moment of our life as a Company, where we are reshaping and building many of our best practices. You will be asked to contribute to new ways of doing things and being comfortable with not only doing but also building Project Management.

Each of the above points requires some skills. You don’t have to have mastered all of them, but you need to understand what type of skills and mindset is necessary. We will help you to grow in areas which you need to develop. However we also believe, that to be able to perform in that role, you need to have experience as Project Manager, through which you have at least touched each of the above points.

What we offer

  • You will become part of the team, that learns from one another and gives honest feedback
  • Your projects will often mean doing something that has not been done before. We are not afraid of engaging in such endeavours
  • We specialize in Fintech and by doing projects with us, you will also have a chance to learn about this area, which is a very interesting branch of contemporary software development
  • You will join the Company, that values transparency, honesty and doing the right things


  • Possibility to work remotely (permanently – not only during the pandemic)
  • B2B contract or an employment contract (up to you)
  • 26 days of paid holidays per year (+ additionally paid bank holidays)
  • 30 days sick leave per year (paid 80%)
  • Flexible working hours
  • A flexible balance between working from home and from office
  • We will support your continuous development through related events (conferences, training)
  • Private medical care
  • MultiSport Plus Package

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