Senior React Native Developer

18000 - 24000 PLN

B2B contract or Employment contract (up to you), Remote

What is the purpose of this role within our Company

Senior developers in Code&Pepper drives the projects from start to finish from technological point of view. With close collaboration with Product Owner and UX/UI Designer and other key members of the project you will create end-to-end solutions in the FinTech domain.

Support to your colleagues will be an integral part of your work. At the same time you will be able to count on other developers, Principal Software Engineer and Product Owner to support the project.

If you have hands-on experience in React Native and Agile methodologies, we’d like to meet you. We’ll support your skills development by additional initiatives, such an open source project which is being developed by our team or a mastermind program dedicated for mid and senior developers. We expect you to be curious about new technologies and eager to move forward in your career.

What you will be responsible for

  • Initiating and building mobile product from the start of the project to its production release and/or retirement 
  • Communication with business stakeholders – in a collaboration with Product Owner you will be creating business requirements from a technical point of view
  • Communication with internal stakeholders: Product Owner and UX/UI Designer to work out the best possible solution 
  • We don’t believe in multitasking, so you will be assigned to one project at a time, but sometimes you will be asked to support your colleagues from other teams one-time engagement
  • You will be given a huge amount of ownership over your project. We will trust you and let you do your thing. You need to be comfortable with being given such space
  • You will communicate in English with the client – you need to be comfortable with it

From technical point of view we expect

  • Very good knowledge of React library
  • Proven work experience as an React Native Developer 
  • A lot of experience with TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Familiarity with React Native specific libraries e.g. React Navigation, React Native Paper
  • Experience with iOS/Android App UI components
  • Working knowledge of Redux/Redux Toolkit, MobX, Recoil (or other state management libraries)
  • Experience with testing (unit/component/integration/e2e/ui tests)
  • Practice knowledge of Jest, Native Testing Library
  • Experience with OAuth 2.0/OIDC/JWT
  • Knowledge of iOS / Android stores release processes
  • Experience with security, performance related aspects

It’s a big plus if you have

  • Experience with Bitrise and CI/CD pipelines for React Native 
  • Experience with GraphQL, Apollo Client 
  • Experience using Firebase, AWS

What we offer

  • Your projects will often mean doing something that has not been done before. We are not afraid of engaging in such endeavours
  • Possibility to use best practices like TDD or CI/CD pipeline
  • Having an impact on the whole codebase (peer reviews)
  • Working in Agile methodology (SCRUM)
  • Possibility to work remotely (permanently – not only during the pandemic)


  • 26 days of paid holidays per year (+ additionally paid bank holidays)
  • 30 days sick leave per year (paid 80%)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility to work part-time
  • Taking part in development-related events (conferences, trainings)
  • Several online-training platforms access
  • MultiSport Plus Package
  • Private healthcare
  • 2 days per year for self-development
  • MacBook Pro
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There are no fixed frames for employees at Code & Pepper. We treat everybody individually and our Head of Engineering cares about your career and self development by planning them with you.
Your freedom
Most of us have been working remotely even before the pandemic and we’re spreaded all around the country. You can work wherever you want or you can commute to one of our offices – your choice. Your time schedule is also up to you.
Focus on what
you do best
At Code & Pepper you don’t need to deal with direct contacts with the clients as much as anywhere else, because our PMs do most of it for you. Just do what you do best. One project at a time, without being delegated to different ones too often.
with no secrets
You always know what awaits you at Code & Pepper. Since the very first job interview, you’ll learn all you need to know about the project you’re applying for and you’ll attend company-sponsored courses according to your plan.
Always towards
the future
The FinTech industry is developing swiftly and we are always on top of the game. Only the newest technologies, high-end hardware and constant flow of knowledge. You’ll never get bored.
We’re not a corporation, we’re people just like you and we like to have fun too. Did you know that the Code & Pepper logo is actually a sękacz cake? You can get one straight from Suwałki if you join!

26 days
of holidays
working hours
& workshops
career path
30 days
of sick leave
Plus Package
sękacz cake

Agnieszka Kopiczko Project Manager

This has been the most challenging, interesting and fulfilling job in my career so far. I know I can count on my team and we stand for each other in case any project issues occur. But most of all, I have learnt a lot and I’m still learning every day.

Bartosz Janowski Senior Full-Stack Developer

Working at Code & Pepper means constant development for me. With each new project, I discover a new level of my capabilities and learn the latest technology, while helping clients create and develop their outstanding products.

Kasia Kramnik Content Marketing Associate

Code & Pepper gives me a lot of creative freedom – I can bring my initiatives forward and get all the support I need. Also, I’m happy to work in a place that contributes to the community of women in IT!

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18000 – 24000 PLN
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