Securing InsurTech Design and Development for Flink by Helvetia

Mission: redefine selling insurance online. Status? Accomplished!
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Flink by Helvetia Insurance is a new generation of household and private liability InsurTech products that change the way of selling insurance on the Swiss market. The task for Code & Pepper was to create and implement a new UX/UI design to achieve the client’s strategic goals – higher conversion and application usage rates.

Helvetia Insurance, an industry leader on the Swiss market, wanted to launch a new, revolutionary InsurTech product. The idea was to provide the simplest individual insurance policies for practically anyone’s belongings (MyThings) or potential damage the customer might accidentally cause to other people or their items (MyDamages). With only half a page of text and simple illustrations, Flink has the world’s shortest insurance contracts, and probably the simplest.


The first version of Flink was built by a local agency and released to the market. The team behind Flink was responsible solely for business development, with no technical staff. The fast development of the live InsurTech product combined with a time-consuming recruitment of front-end (Angular) and back-end (Java) developers forced the company to look for professional help, which they found at Code & Pepper.

Rapid team onboarding

Flink decided to hire an experienced agency that would be responsible for the development of InsurTech in the end-to-end model (design, front-end and back-end development), but at the same time working hard with their business team. Code & Pepper was a good fit as we provided a part-time UI/UX designer so that the requirements could be quickly and efficiently translated to interface design and the actual backlog on the programming side.

Hand-in-hand cooperation

After the Flink business team approved the application design, it was time for front-end and back-end developers to do their very best. Understanding the business logic and close cooperation with the client were key to help Helvetia Insurance establish product requirements and collect valuable insights about the customers and the market. 

External service integration for effective event tracking

To implement efficient user behaviour analytics, we decided to use Segment, a robust solution recommended by global companies like Atlassian and IBM. In order to measure insurance policy conversion rate and track key user behaviours inside the application, the events and properties were implemented according to a custom tracking plan.

We value Code & Pepper for the high quality of their work and for their positive attitude. Working in the team-to-team model meant that we all felt equally responsible for the product, solved problems more effectively and generated positive energy that stayed with us throughout the project.

Daniel Kunz Chief Product Officer
at Flink

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