Vaticle (TypeDB) – Technical and Mobile App Scaling for a New Generation Database

Read how Code & Pepper tailored the app for mobile devices, adjusted
it for stationary hardware, and finally scaled it for new languages, and frameworks.
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TypeDB: A Database with a Conceptual Data Model

TypeDB by Vaticle (a London-based company) offers database solutions to empower engineers looking to solve complex challenges. TypeDB is an app with a logical type system that help organizations in various industries, including FinTech and HealthTech.

Companies and NGOs in financial services, life sciences, defense & security, and even robotics can build intelligent systems to tacle obstacles. Among them are drug discovery processes, financial analytics, cyber threat detection, robotic systems disaster recovery, and more.

Our Role in the Project

The Client came to us with a set of technological challenges. Vaticle wanted to enhance the application to meet modern standards. The amount of piling up challenges was too much for the internal development team. Code & Pepper helped through team extension services.

First of all, we were hired to correct the display of the application on mobile devices. We had to make sure the app’s view followed the initial UX/UI design, and was in-line with users’ expectations.

Secondly, tailor the display for tablets, which wasn’t responsive enough and was lacking technical savviness. 

Thirdly, we had to rewrite the app to make it compatible with the modern set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, etc. We are talking about Angular Material, for example. 

Lastly, we have ironed out continue delivery (CI) process used by Vaticle. Thanks to our work, maintaining ongoing code quality and software development processes are easier. 

Besides tech-stack mentioned below, we have also used Scully for static site generation, Antora for automatic documentation generation, and Sanity for headless CMS creation.

The whole scope of the project was realized across six months.

Main challenges

Scaling the app to be consistent with newest libraries and future-proof for their upcoming versions is no easy task. We had to style all libraries, write custom features to support inner tech-stack contracts, and make sure all worked together seamlessly to support growing application.

Key Technologies Used in Enhancing the TypeDB App

To modernize the app and optimize its performance, we utilized the following programming languages and frameworks:

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