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FinTech Wire #17

Weekly FinTech news digest: 1622 February 2021

Almost a year into the pandemic, surely most of us can admit that we have finally adapted to the ‘new normal’. In this different reality, new consumer behaviours and expectations emerge, and businesses don’t want to be lagging behind, especially those most innovative. FinTechs definitely belong to this group. As we could see last week, new solutions fit for the Covid-19 era pop up like mushrooms. Cashless donations and socially distanced payments are just some of the examples. Do you want to know more about these innovations? Let’s dive in!

Cashless donations platform provider Evershare team up with Moneyhub

Evershare will leverage the partner’s open banking technology to help charities raise funds in the difficult Covid-19 times

Many charities have been severely affected by the lockdown as offline fundraising activities came to a sudden halt. At the same time, the society is visibly moving towards cashless transactions: in October last year ATM withdrawals were 40% lower than the year before. Evershare connected the dots and teamed up with Moneyhub, the provider of payment API to deliver a QR code payments system for charities to make fundraising easier in the times of social distancing. Thanks to the platform, donations can be transferred directly from the donors’ banking apps to the charity. Additionally, the solution is way more cost effective than alternatives, such as Stripe, PayPal and other payments platforms.

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Monzo starts a partnership with TrueLayer to improve the gambling block feature

A pilot conducted by Monzo and TrueLayer will allow to extend the feature to open banking powered payments

Another news, another partnership! It’s truly one of the hottest trends in FinTech. In this case, Monzo decided to enhance its gambling block, which was previously limited to payments made with a credit card… until now. The partnership with True Layer, an open banking integration provider, will allow Monzo to extend the feature to open baking powered transactions as well. The block, introduced in 2018, helps Monzo users overcome gambling addictions by blocking transactions with gambling providers.

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QR code payments now available in Revolut Business app

Socially distanced payments made easier

QR code enabled payments… once again! Revolut also saw a big opportunity in the black-and-white codes and decided to add this feature to its Business app. From now, businesses can accept payments from customers showing a QR code on their devices. No additional payment terminals are required. Customers, after scanning the code with their phones, will be able to make a payment using Apple Pay, Visa or Mastercard, keeping the required social distance. According to Revolut, it’s a fantastic option for small business owners, like cafes and market stalls.

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Digital bank with a social impact mission backed by a NBA star

Russell Westbrook’s company will support Varo Bank in serving underprivileged communities in the U.S.

What a former NBA MVP has to do with FinTech? A lot, apparently. Russell Westbrook, nine times NBA All-Star, joins Varo Bank as an investor and advisor. The digital bank is currently on a mission to create a new impact platform for the underserved communities of color, largely ignored by the banking system in the U.S. Among the perks offered by Varo Bank are: up to two days earlier access to payroll deposits, saving account with some of the most competitive rates on the market, and a cash advance line of credit called Varo Advance…. and all this free of charge at least until March 2021.

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Modulr and Tanzanian startup NALA on a mission to launch an app for the East African community in the UK

The solution will enable UK-based customers to send money to Kenya and Uganda

NALA Money, a Tanzania based startup, became an Electronic Money Directive agent and a partner of Modulr, a British Payments-as-a-Service provider. This decision is connected with NALA’s plans to launch a payments platform with a range of financial services for the East African diaspora in the UK. A beta version of the app is already available for customers sending money to Uganda and Kenya, and the partnership with Modulr will make it possible to extend operations to the rest of the region, says Benjamin Fernandes, CEO of NALA, adding: “We are excited to move forward with Modulr’s support to increase economic opportunity for Africans across the globe”.

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