We are very pleased to see women entering the world of IT and conquering it with knowledge, passion, and customer-centricity. Natalia Cholewa, our Lead Product Owner and Head of Engineering, is now an expert for Let’s Solve IT. The initiative helps women enter the industry and overcome challenges during short online consulting sessions.

Natalia Cholewa, Head of Engineering at Code & Pepper

Natalia can help others with leadership, digital product development, and team management. Through 1:1 sessions, she will answer all the questions and highlight down-to-earth solutions.

Her experience will be valuable for women that just got their promotion and looking for practical solutions. Also for seasoned managers that need another crack at a complicated and counter-intuitive problem.

Let’s Solve IT (LSIT) is an international project dedicated to solving IT and tech-based problems. Through filling a short form, over 50 onboard experts can assess and find solutions for specific situations. Mentors can help with frontend, backend, UX/UI design, data science, quality assurance, and much, much more. The full list of categories and topics is available on the initiative’s website.

Natalia, our leader, who just a few months ago took over the leadership of the entire software engineering process at Code & Pepper, is proof for a bunch of things. She is capable of running a team of dozens of software development experts while taking care of internal processes involved with the topic.

She found out about Let’s Solve IT through an Instagram post and fell in love with it. After an initial qualification round, she instantly became a mentor for others. Natalia values a deep and diverse range of topics within LSIT, as well as the idea to help both advanced specialists and newcomers in tech. As she says:

My professional career was full of kind people that helped me on the way. I could learn and develop my skills. I feel it’s time to give back to the IT community and help others. It’s great to be a part of something special and think about challenges that affect individuals and teams alike.

Congratulations Natalia, we are proud of you!