Best loan software – the ultimate list

January 2022

The ever-expanding FinTech world and changing market conditions force companies to compete on a new level. The process of loan management has to be focused on a user and real, not imaginative, challenges. Loan software offers multiple solutions for everyday people. Here’s the list of the most known applications for you to compare and draw inspiration from.

What counts as loan software?

The question is actually very valid. Since loan software is a part of the financial software ecosystem, it should offer solutions for people interested in money management. To do that, applications need to offer a wide variety of useful functionalities:

  • store loan data and documents to be easily accessible by users
  • have advanced security protocols
  • offer the creation, modification, and ending of loan processes and contracts
  • automate fees
  • generate transaction calculations before signing the loan agreement
  • offer fee calculator if the contract predicts dynamic changes in market conditions that impact fees
  • manage relations and secure data exchange with third-party brokers and inventors
  • be in line with both the local and global FinTech and general law regulations
  • have dashboards and generate reports for users so they can make informed decisions about loan performance and future steps

These requirements are pretty standard for the industry, so if you want to find a perfect solution, these are mandatory. If you want, on the other hand, to create your own solution, you may consider custom lending software development services. It’s the most effective way for the creation of a loan software product.

The criteria for successful loan software application

Loan software applications are distinctive, even for FinTech. In general, financial technology applications deal with sensitive customer data. They are expected to protect them and offer various, sometimes very complicated, services on the go. Loan software goes even further. It offers the ability to get out of debts, manage personal accounts, finance personal and company expenditures. By definition, they need something extra.

This “something” is care. The list below consists of many loan software applications but only some of them rise to the true potential of the market. There are still niches to be explored (for example loan management software) and various ways to utilize them. When browsing for a perfect solution, make sure to explore different alleys. Don’t settle for “just right”, expect “the best as possible can be”.

The list of loan software products