“Stay home” is probably going to be the most exploited phrase of 2020. The consequences of global lockdown will loom large for years, turning the job market upside down. However, one thing hasn’t changed – you can’t go wrong with stepping up your professional game by gaining confirmed knowledge and skills. Read on to discover Scrum Master certifications tailored to different professional areas of the IT industry.

Who grants Scrum Master certification?

The most acknowledged and respectable certificates are handed by Scrum.org (The Home of Scrum), the ultimate resource for those working and interested in Scrum methodologies. In order to apply for a Scrum Master exam, you don’t need to complete a course organised by Scrum.org, but it’s highly recommended. As a matter of fact, their programs are the root source of know-how that all other education providers base courses on.

Who can benefit from Scrum Master certification?

Whether you’re only entering the world of project management in the IT industry or redefining your career path, Scrum Master certification confirms acquired skills and your serious interest in the field. Education is a surefire investment in your future and aptitude for self-development will be a strong asset in your job application.

However, Scrum certification is not dedicated only to those working as Project Managers or Product Owners. In fact, anyone who participates in projects managed with Scrum, especially technical team leaders, will benefit from Scrum Master certification (our own team leaders confirm it). It makes a perfect supplement to the skill set of developers, designers or software testers, helping them get a cross-section view of the management framework and optimise team performance.

What are the types of Scrum certification?

You can obtain a certificate according to your field of expertise, including:

Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

This is the baseline certification at Scrum.org. It confirms that the certificate holder understands the principles of Scrum, holds necessary knowledge and is able to implement it in day-to-day project management. Instead of theoretical assessment, the exam tasks focus on practical application of Scrum to ensure a kick start into real-world projects and teams. There are three levels of Professional Scrum Master certification, corresponding to your experience in the field:

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)

Insider knowledge and practical experience in Scrum are a must for every Product Owner who is looking to work as a strong link in Scrum teams. This methodology makes it possible to deliver maximum product value by effective planning, task execution and teamwork. Similar to Professional Scrum Master, certificates for Product Owners are available in three levels of advancement:

Professional Scrum Developer (PSD)

Cost: $200

As a developer, would you consider applying for Scrum certification? Although, it might not be the first on your to-do list, it’s certainly worth considering. Grasping the necessary basics in theory and practice of Scrum will help increase your efficiency and self-organisation capabilities as well as make you a master of Scrum engineering practices and DevOps tools. This certificate is available in one, intermediate level, including a generic technology path or .NET/Java dedicated paths.

Professional Agile Leadership (PAL)

Cost: $200

No matter what industry you work in, Scrum framework is a powerful tool in the hands of leaders of all company departments. This path is dedicated to professionals who want to extend their knowledge arsenal and introduce Scrum to their teams effectively.

Scrum certification – what’s next?

Scrum doesn’t exist in the vacuum of individual teams or any single methodology. Those who seek a better preparation in terms of new professional challenges (such as managing large teams or enhancing their Scrum knowledge with other fields of expertise) might be interested in these certification paths:

Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS)

Cost: $250

The larger the team, the harder it becomes to follow the Scrum playbook and reap the benefits it brings, such as efficiency and open communication. This learning path will work for you if large software projects are a vital part of your professional life and Scrum is the framework of choice. The methods and techniques discussed incorporate the Nexus framework.

Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK)

Cost: $200

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your Scrum management with elements of other methodologies? One of Scrum.org learning paths and certificates focuses on enhancing Scrum with Kanban and its flow methods.

Professional Scrum™ with User Experience (PSU)

Cost: $200

Another certificate to confirm the know-how in two vital software industry disciplines: Scrum and user experience, which is not limited to product design. This learning path offers a whole new perspective on the usage of Scrum and can bring a unique approach to the table… and your CV!

Scrum Master certification is available online

We live in troubled times and looking for ways to keep a stable job situation (or find new opportunities) has got unexpectedly hard. In software development, the key to staying on track is self-development and securing valuable additions to your skill set. Scrum Master certification is a convenient choice for different career paths, fully available online. Why not go ahead and create new opportunities for yourself during the general lockdown (and ever after)? Good luck!