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“Banking is necessary, banks are not,” said Bill Gates in 1994. In the era of blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies, alternative financing services are gaining popularity, but such applications pose quite a challenge to design and develop. Take your idea, share it with us and watch how developers and designers bring out the best of it – for the users and for your company.

Alternative financing software by Code & Pepper

Product design

No matter if your product aims to serve individuals or business purposes, compelling application design gives you a great power to stand out from the crowd of similar software. The design team at Code & Pepper will be thrilled to bring their expertise on board!

Loan software development

Digital lending software consists of multiple layers, including data processing, payment gateways, security and robust frontend. It’s our goal to take every layer to the next level and achieve the top performing, optimally engineered application.


3rd party integrations

Alternative financing involves a myriad of third-party integrations, such as money transfers or open banking. Vast experience in implementation of these solutions allows Code & Pepper developers to create a reliable a flawlessly working product.

API development

To ensure high connectivity and flexibility of your app, Code & Pepper promotes API-driven development structure. This lets us create a developer-friendly code structure and help your product excel not only among your customers, but also among the tech community.

Selected types of loan-related software

Crowdfunding platforms

What do Oculus Rift (now owned by Facebook), Fitbit watch and Exploding Kittens have in common? They all owe their success to crowdfunding! Platforms such as Kickstarter or Patreon have become the hub of innovative startup products and independent creators looking for support from their enthusiasts. Depending on their business goals, crowdfunding platforms ought to be able to scale up in terms of user base growth, the amount of money transfers and the sums wired.

P2P lending marketplaces

This kind of product responds to the needs of businesses that need financing, but bank loans are not an option they can – or want to – rely on. Connecting investors and companies through safe platforms has created new opportunities for emerging startups and fund-worthy ideas. One of such platforms, Flex Funding, was proudly developed by Code & Pepper.

Invoice financing solutions

Unsteady cash flow due to delayed payments is a struggle that many small and medium businesses face on a regular basis. Invoice financing, or accounts receivable financing, resolves this issue by lending money to such businesses against the amounts due from customers. The borrowing fee is calculated as a percentage of the invoice amount.

Loan comparison engines

The amount of loan offers available on the market causes a lot of confusion in customers. Sooner or later, FinTech founders had to come up with a solution to this problem by introducing comparison platforms. They often combine the power of big data technologies and machine learning (in features such as recommendation engines) in order to deliver valuable, personalised search results for individual and business users.

Flex Funding

P2P lending platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors

Flex Funding is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and investment web platform dedicated to the Scandinavian market. It matches investors with established businesses looking for affordable loans, ensuring both parties get optimal deals in different currencies, languages and business partners. Code & Pepper helped to define the app requirements, create an outstanding product design and provide first class front-end developers specialising in Angular.
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Client testimonial

Premila Stampe Head of Business Strategy at Flex Funding

We value Code & Pepper for their quick-to-grasp understanding of our financial product and implementing an optimized user experience on the client-side app. The team are highly experienced and brought a great approach to our project.

14 years on the market

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