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Renowned for its versatility and performance, Java has become part of applications that accompany millions of users daily. If your product needs advanced-level code, Java developers at Code & Pepper are experts in this field.

What is Java

Java is the number one programming language in the world. It powers software in companies of all sizes, all around the world, on more than thirteen billion devices. Owned by Oracle, but open-source and free to use, it is curated and developed by an expert community of programmers who make sure it’s and applicable in a variety of industries and works well within numerous frameworks and platforms. One of the main rules followed by Java developers is “write once, run anywhere” (WORA), which means that compiled Java code can run on all platforms supporting Java without the need for recompilation. Apart from web applications, Java is used to develop mobile apps (operating in Android), Internet of Things software, machine learning, and many more.

Java development services by Code & Pepper

Back-end development

Java developers working with Code & Pepper are carefully picked specialists who will understand the nature of your product and give full support to your in-house team in no time.

Android development

Entering the mobile market for Android devices gives you huge opportunities… and puts you in a competitive environment. Java developers at Code & Pepper are highly dedicated to your product’s quality and user experience.

Front-end development

Sometimes product development can take unexpected turns – you may have excellent Java backend, but no possibility of same quality frontend. Our team members will pick the framework that suits your application best.

Why choose Java

Popular and well-known everywhere

Since its premiere in 1995, Java has been the backbone of millions of applications in businesses of all sizes. There are endless use cases that allow developers to pick optimal solutions for various types of software. For several years, universities have had their Computer Science curricula based on the Java language and its features, which has created a deep talent pool of skilled developers.

Freedom leading to innovation

With great power comes great responsibility – that’s something Java developers understand very well. Java enables them to influence practically all aspects of the application and gives endless possibilities of customisation and looking for innovative ways to solve unusual challenges.

A deeper look into performance

Developers working in Java are known for their non-trivial approach to the way the software works. From simple ins and outs of the applications, they aim to look deeper into the database or performance issues, such as computation complexity, data processing speed or memory overhead.

These companies use Java

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What’s in it for you?

Quick hiring

Recruiting Java developers without a necessary background may result in unnecessary costs and struggle. To avoid these issues, you’ll be better off hiring experts who will provide you with a perfect developer for your project.

Lower costs

The sooner you find your perfect development team, the closer is your product release! But if you’re not equipped with the right tools and knowledge, it’s easier said than done. Leave this task to specialists – Code & Pepper will save you time, money and stress.

Expert team

It’s only natural that you want your application to scale. With our base of technical professionals of different specialties, adding new team members will be quicker and easier.

Battlefield-tested methodology

Before your product is released to actual users, the very idea behind it needs to be transformed into user journeys, tasks and responsibilities for every team member. By running projects in Scrum, we ensure you and the product team stay on the same page with the work.

Best practices

Great software doesn’t happen without specialists. Our Java developers follow top industry practices (including code review, multiple types of tests, continuous integration/continuous development) to ship exceptional applications.

Flink by Helvetia

Mission: redefine selling insurance online. Status? Accomplished!

Flink by Helvetia Insurance is a new generation of household and private liability InsurTech products that change the way of selling insurance on the Swiss market. The task for Code & Pepper was to create and implement a new UX/UI design to achieve the client’s strategic goals – higher conversion and application usage rates.
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Client testimonial

Daniel Kunz Chief Product Officer at Flink

We value Code & Pepper for the high quality of their work and for their positive attitude. Working in the team-to-team model meant that we all felt equally responsible for the product, solved problems more effectively and generated positive energy that stayed with us throughout the project.

14 years on the market

70+ team members

4.6 score on Clutch

Extend your team with Java developers

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