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Software development without quality assurance is like baking a biscuit cake in a clay oven – of course you can try, but it rarely tastes and looks good. To ensure your developers’ work is safe on all levels, think about hiring quality assurance specialists – here’s what we can offer you at Code & Pepper.

Quality assurance services at Code & Pepper

QA experts in end-to-end development

Quality assurance specialists make an integral part of end-to-end development teams at Code & Pepper. Testing code in multiple ways wouldn’t be possible without them!

QA specialists in team augmentation

If you prefer to support your product team with external specialists of a specific skill set, we are ready to recruit the perfect match according to your requirements. Focus on the business essentials and leave the product quality in good hands!

Individual software testers

Do you feel like your developers could use some careful eye for bugs in their code? At Code & Pepper, you don’t have to hire the whole team – just let us find the QA specialist whose experience and skills will bring the biggest value for your product and its creators.

Types of software testing at Code & Pepper

Automated testing

During automated testing, the code runs through a dedicated program, which is way faster and cost-effective than manual testing. It works particularly well in large projects with areas requiring testing for several times. Thanks to automation, it’s possible to maintain high test coverage in the whole project.

Compatibility testing

To ensure positive user experience, applications need to run flawlessly on different hardware, operating systems, network environments and mobile devices. Compatibility testing involves interacting with the application in numerous real environments (e.g. internet browsers, system versions, network speed, etc.). At Code & Pepper, our go-to compatibility testing tools include BrowserStack and Selenium.

Functional testing

Functional testing is focused on compliance with the application’s functional requirements, in other words – the outcome of system usage. This way, the testers are able to find out whether using a particular feature delivers an expected result. Our tools and strategies for functional testing incorporate: BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), Gherkin language, Cucumber and Specflow libraries, Puppeteer, Protractor, Selenium, Postman, and more.

Usability testing

All elements of an application require testing, including user experience. With usability tests, it is possible to check how real users interact with the software and what their impressions are. During such tests, the users are observed by a researcher, who records the interactions for valuable insights that will contribute to further product improvement.

Stress testing

Software needs to be tested not only in regular operation, but also in abnormal conditions, which is done during stress testing. By simulating system overload, the testers determine its error handling, robustness and reliability. One of the tools utilised by Code & Pepper is Artillery, e.g. while developing Pluto. Stress testing is a type of a broader branch called performance testing.

User interface testing

User interface testing usually refers to analysing the graphical user interface (GUI) in search for any inconsistencies in the way the visual elements (e.g. colours, toolbars, images) display during user interactions. Such tests are conducted manually or automatically using specific models or capturing/recording tools.

Unit testing

This type of testing focuses on individual sets of source code – units, being the smallest testable parts of any application. Unit testing is usually performed by developers as it can be applied during the coding stage. The crucial element of unit testing is code coverage – thanks to continuous integration/continuous development, we’re able to maintain it at high levels (above 75%). Tools such as xUnit, moq, FakeItEasy, TestServer and InMemory help us deal with unit tests in the most efficient way possible.


Fill in the skill gap in your team to move forward

LUSID is an advanced financial software solution for the asset management industry. Code & Pepper helped to design and build a website application in Angular. The project scope included requirements management, design and development. Using a variety of software testing methods, such as unit, integration and component tests, lets us maintain high-level code quality and contribute to a flawlessly working product.
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Client testimonials

Duncan Campbell Head of Product at Oathello

Code & Pepper provided an impressive level of service outside the original scope of requirements. At no additional charge, they proactively redesigned the product to enhance the final version. They took on the bulk of project management responsibilities and facilitated an open line of dialogue throughout.

Thomas McHugh Founder & Director at Finbourne

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper including UX design, development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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