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Ruby on Rails is known for its fast programming process, testing capabilities and an abundance of reusable third-party libraries. If your goal is to develop a robust FinTech app in a short time frame, tell us about your idea and let’s get down to business!

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Ruby on rails development Company

Ruby on Rails is a development tool consisting of a framework (Rails) and a programming language (Ruby) for building web applications. It’s a common choice for mobile API development and can be used as a back-end technology in mobile app development, alongside cross-platform tools such as React Native. As seasoned Ruby on Rails development company, we know how to turn potential into performing apps.

The “convention over configuration” and “don’t repeat yourself” principles are essential in understanding the strength of Ruby on Rails: they eliminate many repetitive, mundane tasks required in development and configuration. This results in a cleaner, bug-free code, easier troubleshooting, and enhanced productivity. A Ruby on Rails development company should know how to leverage these principles – we do. Our history and market presence proves that.

In our Ruby on Rails development company,
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On top of that, it’s worth noting that RoR supports the microservices architecture as well as the majestic monolith pattern. These characteristics make Ruby on Rails extremely popular among startups and fast-scaling businesses. Ruby on Rails has been widely used among Silicon Valley companies in their core technology stack, including such giants as Airbnb, Twitter, Kickstarter or GitHub.

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What’s to like about our Ruby on Rails development company and approach?

Rapid development

Ruby on Rails holds several aces in its sleeve that make it one of the most used web frameworks. The Rails conventions enable quick project kickoff and help developers move between projects. RoR also features a vast number of open-source libraries, which simplify development and updates.

Abundance of gems

Third-party resources are a vital part of the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. When used wisely (i.e. carefully picked and updated), official or third-party plugins and gems, as well as your own resources reused across the application, can work wonders for the development speed, code clarity, and consistency.

The Ruby family

Over the years of exceptional popularity, Ruby on Rails has gained a robust non-profit community, which results in the availability of battle-tried solutions and seasoned developers. The “convention over configuration” approach and ready-made gems shorten the learning curve, which enables an easy start in the new environment.

Code, test, ship

As the Ruby on Rails development company we value community that is highly focused on code quality and testing, giving rise to effective tools for automated tests. The culture of testing within RoR ensures robustness of the core software and third-party code (gems). This allows for shipping ready-to-use products relatively fast, without compromising the final quality.

The best of two worlds

Ruby is a powerful and dynamic programming language, yet with a relatively clean syntax and rapid development cycles. Its true potential in web development can be achieved when paired with Rails: the result is an application that is easier to test, check for bugs, and ready to deploy way faster.

Time saver

It is said that Ruby on Rails app development can be on average 30%—40% faster in comparison with other frameworks. This property of RoR can be a huge asset, especially when it comes to fast prototyping or creating an MVP, and is highly appreciated by startups that need to validate their idea in real market conditions.

These companies use Ruby on Rails

Whenever rapidly built and updated web apps are the key to business activity, Ruby on Rails
can shine more light on performance and automation. Some FinTech leaders are already rolling with RoR.

Our Ruby on Rails development company is full of talents

According to the State of Software Engineers report, Ruby was the third most in-demand programming language in the world in 2019. For years, Ruby on Rails developers have been particularly sought after by startups and the trend is still strong.

Time efficiency and reasonable development cost make many businesses choose to build their applications using Ruby on Rails and constantly look for talented developers.

If Ruby on Rails is your go-to framework for building a proof of concept, a prototype, an MVP or a full-blown app, but carrying out the whole process on your own seems overwhelming: Ruby on Rails development company can ease the pain. We have plenty of seasoned developers.

What’s in it for you?

Smooth recruiting process

Few startups have the right HR and recruitment procedures to achieve hiring efficiency. If that’s the case, an outsourcing company specialising in recruiting software developers can come to the rescue. Let us help you make headway and find the right Ruby on Rails developers for your team.

Cost-effective hiring

Scarcity of skilled developers on your local job market can slow down the development process and delay product release. Don’t let this happen: trust an experienced partner that can provide you with the best match for your company as well as significantly reduce time-to-hire and recruitment costs.

Dynamic teams

As your application gains more users, you also have to scale up your development efforts to respond to the growing demand. A Ruby on Rails outsourcing company can shape the product team according to your current needs. This way, you have all the required skills at your disposal on every stage of development.

Coding standards

Code quality guarantees correct operation of every app. This can be achieved by following best practices in software development, such as code reviews, test-driven development, design patterns, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment. You can be sure that our Rails developers know them all backwards and forwards.

Efficient project management

Having the best talent on board is only the beginning, as no project can be successful without competent execution and management. With that in mind, we rely on Scrum methodology to plan, track, and evaluate our work. Thanks to open communication, all people involved in the project always stay in the loop.

FinTech expertise

Ruby on Rails works like a charm in a variety of cutting-edge financial products. It’s used by Stripe, Square, Bloomberg and Indiegogo, among others. As an experienced Ruby on Rails development company, Code & Pepper has the skills and the know-how necessary to build innovative financial solutions.

Smart Pension

Ruby on Rails app development with a Formula 1 growth speed

Smart Pension is a workplace pension platform that has evolved from an aspiring startup into one of the largest pension providers in the UK. Once their transformative solution proved a success, the demand for the product skyrocketed, also outside of their home market. As a consequence, the development team had to grow exponentially to keep up with the rapid business expansion.

Hiring skilled developers and maintaining code quality were the two major concerns. That’s what attracted Smart Pension to team augmentation with Code & Pepper.

Fast forward to today: dedicated teams of Ruby engineers work from two different offices set up by Code & Pepper and are fully synced with the headquarters. Agile project management ensures optimal product quality and open communication between the dispersed teams.

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Run it by our clients

Martin Warner Head of Talent
Smart Pension

Code & Pepper have been instrumental in scaling our Engineering Team. By building dedicated teams of Ruby Engineers, they have helped us hire highly skilled developers into our business.

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James Varga CEO and Founder
DirectID (The ID Co.)

We value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, responsiveness and transparency. It’s a reliable and dependable company that we can recommend for other business entities to cooperate with.

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Aurélien Bonnel Chief Technology Officer
TradeCrediTech (Nimbla)

Code & Pepper provides high-quality, reliable code and designs. Flexible, responsive, and dedicated to client satisfaction: working with their team continues to add a lot of value to the business overall.

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