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FinTech Wire #38: Inclusive Potential of FinTech

FinTech Wire #38 - Fintech News Digest

We live in interesting “financial times” with FinTech transforming every sphere of how money is made and managed. Recent selection of FinTech Wire News only adds to this excitement, showing that modern technology contributes to the financial inclusion of different groups from all around the world, ranging from Nigerian businessmen, American working families to Lithuanian representatives of generation Z. Discover which FinTechs have rocked the boat this week!

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The Rise of African Neobanks

Can you make money by serving people of humble means? Can you sustain a business addressed to people outside of the global financial system? Limited market opportunities and few coins in the pocket don’t have to be a dead end. As Bill Gates once said: there’s a difference between banks and banking. If you need proof that FinTech companies can provide quality services to customers despite their financial status, look at neobanks in Africa.

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