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How to Create a Checklist for a Successful MVP Launch?

A Minimum Viable Product or MVP is an application that hasn’t reached its full potential but it lets you test core product ideas. It’s not polished by a long shot; it’s not finished and can be buggy. But it’s still delivering the most important functionalities to the user and acts as a testing ground for future app options. The road to a successful launch is tricky. Here’s the checklist for a successful MVP.

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How can I improve the performance of my Node.js application?

Node.js is a powerful runtime environment that allows developers to build high-performance web applications. However, as the size and complexity of an application increases, it’s essential to keep an eye on its performance. In this article, we’ll explore some techniques for improving the performance of a Node.js application.

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10 Best Backend Frameworks 2022. Which is most popular?

Software development is changing. There are many factors, and one of the most interesting ones is backend frameworks. Best backend frameworks help build especially online solutions, which are increasingly popular among consumers due to subscription models or web variants of mobile applications. Which backend framework is most popular and how you can utilize them in your work?

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