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FinTech Wire #39: Funding Successes, Expansion Plans, and Investment AI on Main Street

Weekly FinTech news digest: 20—26 July 2021

This week’s FinTech Wire is full of impressive funding rounds, international acquisitions, exciting expansion plans, and an AI-powered investment app being the cherry on top. Sounds exciting? It totally does! So go ahead and learn about the latest achievements of Yapily, Soldo, Clim8, Bridgeweave, Zilch, and Solarisbank!

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FinTech Wire #36: FinTech innovations that change the world for the better

What’s new in the UK’s FinTech world? They say bad news travels fast, but we make sure the good news reaches you even faster. This week we have our eye on exciting launches and successful funding rounds among local businesses. Read more to find out about the great achievements of tomato pay, coinpass.com, Codat, StepEx, and Dozens!

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FinTech Wire #16: New Ways to Spend Bitcoin, Klarna and Ikea to Offer Banking Services

So far, so good: the first half of February has brought us some pretty exciting news and developments. Last week was no different: some of the world’s most renowned businesses have surprised us with breakthrough decisions, and official bodies in some countries followed in their footsteps. Wanna find out what we are talking about?

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