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What is a Metaverse? Metaverse Cryptocurrency & Coin

What is metaverse crypto

October 28th, 2021 marks the date of a big shift. On that day, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will change the name to Meta, but it’s not the name that got the most attention. The nature of the service will change too. Zuckerberg wants to change a social media platform into a metaverse product. What is a metaverse and how to invest in a metaverse? Especially when Meta will not be the only player on the block?

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Technology Stack – What Is It? Technology at Code & Pepper

A technology stack is a full set of technologies that companies use to build a digital product or run a project. In it, you have everything ranging from programming languages, frameworks, databases, frontend and backend tools to services accessed via an API. Code & Pepper also has its technology stack. With it, you can quickly build your minimum viable product (MVP) or a full-blown application. How exactly and what comes with our tech stack?

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Online Factoring – Future of Invoice Financing

Having stable finances is a principle for all businesses, but what can you do, when your clients are late with their payments too often? Instead of fighting with them and being stressed all the time, you can solve the problem once and for all. Thanks to invoice factoring services, you can ensure that your invoices are always paid on time. Now, thanks to some smart FinTech solutions, you don’t even have to do much to make it happen. Let’s find out how online factoring works and which vendors are the best for your business.

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Gartner Hype Cycle – What is it, how to use it? 2022 Guide


New technologies get invented and new products are created daily, but only some of them succeed long-term. But can success be predicted and can a product’s life cycle be planned for maximum benefits? Gartner’s hype cycle metrics can help you with that, find out how.

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Ask Me AnyFin With Apiax: What Is RegTech? On Regulations and How to Handle Them

At some point anyone who ventures into financial services has to try and navigate the tricky maze of compliance and other regulations. In this episode of Ask Me AnyFin we chat with Alan Blanchard to find out how RegTech can help businesses easily comply with constantly changing regulations. How to keep up with these changes? What interesting solutions are available in the market? You’ll find the answers in our interview!

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FinTech Trends 2021: Global Outlook

The year 2020 has brought many breakthroughs. The massive shift towards remote work has proven things can be done, even if people don’t work face-to-face. The prolonged lockdown has probably changed customer spending habits forever and has impacted many industries, not only e-commerce. Meanwhile, the FinTech stage has grown exponentially, bringing comfort and convenience to everyone, even the unbanked. What will the industry look like next year? Here is our list of the most interesting FinTech trends in 2021.

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FinTech Wire #3: Acquisition Drama, New Challengers in UK and Digital Currency on the Move

How do you filter the market data to pick out the most valuable insights? Does the amount of news and updates make your head spin? The FinTech Wire comes to the rescue with a carefully selected combination of brand stories which are shaking the world of finance and banking. This week, we’ll be hearing from Visa, Pennyworth, Monument, SoFi, JP Morgan, and NerdWallet. Let’s roll!

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Essential Security Standards and Requirements for FinTech Apps

In the UK, FinTech apps should be handled in a way similar to banking institutions, both from the legal and technological point of view. It obviously imposes a lot of responsibility and work to ensure the system is 100% secure, so users can trust it with their money. But what does it mean in practice? Let’s take a deeper look at the FinTech security standards you’ll need to deal with in order to abide by the rules, while still being able to offer the most to your customers.

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Bet on Reliability: Choosing a Technology Partner

The need for striking thriving partnerships might be yesterday’s news in the world of financial technology. Yet, as the available cooperation models are continuously evolving to offer more tailored options, the final decision might pose a challenge. Potential savings in time and costs have to be carefully weighed against risks connected with the required credit of trust: a value of paramount importance, notably in FinTech applications. If reliability is an essential aspect of all collaborative efforts, is there a key to handling it the right way?

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