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Landscape Shift: The Impact of the Updated EU Consumer Credit Directive on Tech Solutions

EU Parliament Approves Consumer Credit Directive, Transforming BNPL Landscape

The European Union, known for its rigorous approach to consumer protection, has recently taken significant steps to reform its Consumer Credit Directive (CCD). As consumer credit becomes more prevalent across member states, this move signifies the EU’s proactive approach to financial regulation, particularly on the retail side.

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FinTech Wire #55: Ziglu’s Crowdfunding Breaks Records, SEON Partners With Creditstar

This week in FinTech brought successful funding rounds for the crypto investment platform Ziglu and Buy Now Pay Later unicorn Zilch. Meanwhile, the investment app Freetrade announced its seventh crowdfunding campaign that launches next week. Apart from that, we look into an exciting partnership in the lending world and a brand new app set out to propel climate investment.

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FinTech Wire #53: Klarna Partners with Stripe, B2B BNPL Solution to Expand into the UK

Buy now pay later solutions have been in the spotlight of the FinTech news feeds this week. Klarna has made a significant move towards further growth by partnering with another industry leader Stripe, while the German startup Billie has raised funding to bring BNPL to British businesses. However, BNPL is not all roses: a recent survey by Laybuy reveals that the majority of customers agree that credit checks should be required to access these products.

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FinTech Wire #40: Investment Apps Gained 1.6m New Users, UK Gets Its First Cashless Credit Offering

This week in FinTech news we have exciting new launches in the realms of cashless credit, cross-border payments, and cashback initiatives. Besides that, a recent study has listed 10 top investment apps in the UK, some of which have scored over 80% increase in new users since March 2020. Get more details below!

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