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Top 3 Cloud Services Providers for FinTech

Cloud services providers

Whether somebody likes it or not, cloud services providers and what they offer has changed the landscape of FinTech completely in recent years. At Code & Pepper we know it and we work with some of their products daily to make products for our clients. But which companies are the most popular and why? Let’s find out today!

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Cloud Banking Solutions – Key Facts and Benefits

Banking needs more and more raw power, as well as fast access to data from literally anywhere. Cloud computing is the perfect solution, as it allows for transferring information throughout the Internet in the most efficient way. But why exactly does it meet the banking needs so well and how do customers benefit from it? Answers to these and more questions are waiting for you in our new post!

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FinTech Wire #26: Global Initiative Launched in Wales, New Technology Will Detect Market Abuse

Scaling up FinTech startups will have an opportunity to grow in Wales, PwC’s FinTech Scale up programme will support nine ambitious WealthTech startups… It seems like accelerators are getting back to normal. And what else happened in FinTech lately? Find out!

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Infrastructure as Code: Creating and Deploying Web Applications on AWS Using CloudFormation

The cloud adoption trend isn’t slowing down. That’s no wonder: cloud computing has completely changed the way we think about IT infrastructure. However, for organizations that deal with never-ending deployments, the complexity of provisioning and managing all the infrastructure elements can become a headache and a source of serious issues. In this case, infrastructure codification, known as Infrastructure as Code, comes to the rescue. 

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