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How Good Software Infrastructure Can Help in Disaster Recovery or Prevent Software Disasters?

What is disaster recovery plan?

Accidents and attacks happen – there is sometimes no way to avoid them and even maintaining the highest security standards cannot make a company 100% secure. In other words, one should always protect the systems, but you can never be sure. However, even in the worst case scenario, there is the last defence line – a disaster recovery plan. What is it, how to execute it and what does it have to do with good software infrastructure? Let’s find out!

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Top Cybersecurity Insurance Providers and Why You Need Them

In the dynamically growing world of FinTech, trust and security are everything. Even one mistake in these fields can lead a promising startup to instantly fail and there are no second chances. How to minimize the business risks if it is impossible to be 100% certain of the available cybersecurity measures? Read more to find out how cybersecurity insurance providers can let you sleep tight.

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