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Top FinTech Accelerators in Berlin

We’ve already analyzed the most impressive FinTech accelerators in Tel Aviv and in London, but we’re not intending to stop. This series of articles is going to be a frequent visitor on the Code and Pepper blog and we’re going to keep them all up to date. This time, let’s take a trip to the capital city of Germany, Berlin, where cultures mix, currywurst is everywhere and so are FinTechs. Let’s go take a closer look at FinTech accelerators in Berlin!

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13 Coolest FinTech Accelerators in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is home to dozens of accelerator programs designed to equip founders and startup companies with business training and industry know-how. With them, you’ll not only start the right way but also the big way. Not every program is the same, though. Which FinTech accelerators are worth your while and would be a good match for your business? Take a look at the lucky 13 of the best accelerators you can find in and around the hot & breezy city of Tel Aviv.

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7 Hottest FinTech Accelerators in London


London is a sprawling economic hub that boasts a mind-boggling 750 FinTech companies. The “Big Smoke” represents 84 percent of the UK’s VC, CVC, and PE investment volume, making it a desirable place for startups to find their financial feet. Looking for investors? Connections? Opportunities? Here are 7 FinTech accelerators in London you need to know about in 2020. 

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