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InsurTech Companies to Watch 2021 – TOP20

The COVID-19 epidemic turned the world upside down. Many of us think extensively about safety and security. That’s where financial insurance companies come in. They offer a feeling of having a safe bay in times of uncertainty. Some of them will face challenges because of the uneven funding or promoting already established InsurTechs. Some of them will need to rethink business models. Here’s the list of the most promising InsurTech companies to watch in 2021.

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7 Ways FinTech Innovations Improve the Customer Experience

Do you ever feel like your favorite institution or app can do better? Implement responsive UX, improve helpline, simplify onboarding or just include you more in the conversation? Many customers feel that way about digital products. They don’t want to be cogs in the machine, grinding the same load every time they contact the institution or use its services. Customers want to be heard: here’s how to do that in FinTech.

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