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How to Make a Good Bug Report?

Bug reporting is a skill that everyone in the software development team should have. It helps to build the application while making the process shorter, more efficient and cheaper as a result. Dedicated quality assurance (QA) team is a must but there are ways to teach developers and other specialists the art of bug reporting. How to make a good bug report?

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Machine Learning in Finance, Banking and FinTech

Consumers of digital services expect quality service, security, and convenience. Machine learning (ML) in finance is the best example of how these needs can be fulfilled. Without compromising business models, and the need to generate revenue. With customer-centricity in mind. The best way to serve people what they need is to know them a little better. How is this goal achieved and what’s the state of machine learning adoption in the industry?

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The Importance of Quality Assurance in FinTech Software Development

In the app economy, green is the new black. Investors, companies and teams expect apps to perform and deliver sales results overnight – or at least quickly enough to verify assumptions of a minimum viable product (MVP). Especially today, when COVID-19 washes off many companies and the future is uncertain. Sometimes, when the pressure is on, pressing the “off” button might be healthy. Not only under the current market conditions but in software development overall. That button is quality assurance and it can be an anchor for the business, guaranteeing customer loyalty and lower maintenance costs.

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