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How Insurance Companies Make Use of AI?

how ai can save insurance companies time

Digital disruption invented and implemented by FinTech companies is a double-edged sword. Companies that went after main-street banks and traditional insurance firms, now face another era. They have to innovate to stay alive. How leading insurance companies make use of artificial intelligence (AI) will make or break their businesses. Customers face new risks and want to make sure the InsurTech sector can calm their fears. This is how you can help them.

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Storytelling with Data: 5 Steps to Create an In-App Data Visualization

Unless it’s about counting money on our bank account, then for many of us, numbers are hard to remember and boring. We need a context and a good reason to process them. Not to mention making something useful out of it. The same goes for FinTech users. What if you could help them through storytelling?

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What Is a Design System in UX and Why It Is Important to Have One?

We all know LEGO bricks and pieces; many of us grew up having them and then passing the torch to our kids. With LEGO, we can dream and build anything: a car, a house, a castle, even a space station. From the smallest and most humble design to the most ambitious project—everything can be constructed with the right amount of supplies and patience. It’s possible because these pieces can be used many times over in different combinations. And this is the exact nature of the design system in user experience (UX).

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Top Trading Platforms to Watch in 2021

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in stocks, currencies or even precious metals. Trading has been a widely available option for decades, but thanks to web based platforms it’s now easier than ever. Such platforms are also great examples of FinTech in practice: how they are made, how they work and what are their best features depends both on the market needs and what their creators can actually offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online trading platforms to find out why they have succeeded.

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FinTech Trends 2021: Global Outlook

The year 2020 has brought many breakthroughs. The massive shift towards remote work has proven things can be done, even if people don’t work face-to-face. The prolonged lockdown has probably changed customer spending habits forever and has impacted many industries, not only e-commerce. Meanwhile, the FinTech stage has grown exponentially, bringing comfort and convenience to everyone, even the unbanked. What will the industry look like next year? Here is our list of the most interesting FinTech trends in 2021.

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