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What Is a Design System in UX and Why It Is Important to Have One?

We all know LEGO bricks and pieces; many of us grew up having them and then passing the torch to our kids. With LEGO, we can dream and build anything: a car, a house, a castle, even a space station. From the smallest and most humble design to the most ambitious project—everything can be constructed with the right amount of supplies and patience. It’s possible because these pieces can be used many times over in different combinations. And this is the exact nature of the design system in user experience (UX).

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What Are the Design Principles in UI/UX in FinTech?

You are in the dark and complicated labyrinth. You can barely see the sun, the path has twists and turns and there’s no exit to be found. Backtracking seems to be the only option now. Retreating and finding a new path seems to be logical, and cost-effective. To save you from the headache, we have prepared this short but detailed FinTech UX and UI guide.

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