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Amazon frontend and backend solutions. How AWS is useful?

Cloud services providers

AWS frontend services and AWS backend solutions are extremely popular among businesses from any given industry. They are reliable, fast, and available for companies of all sizes and budgets. In this article, we will dive into some core components of a vast AWS ecosystem. You will see how to put the backend on AWS.

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Native vs Hybrid vs Cross-platform App Development – Best Framework 2022

Mobile development has been a must for many years now. Especially in FinTech, which is based almost entirely on mobility and easy access. What does native vs cross-platform mean? What is the nature of a native vs hybrid mobile app development? Finally, what is the best framework for app development in 2022 and beyond?

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The Minimum Loveable Product (MLP). A better version of MVP

The era of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is over. The market is going with minimum loveable product, which is an iteration and a whole new approach at the same time. MVP stands for an application that holds minimum value for users and assumes a certain level of tolerated limitations and bugs. MLP, on the other hand, is created with initial offering that users can love from the start. It’s a dramatic shift in software development and product management.

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React Native vs Other Cross-Platform Frameworks. Which One to Choose and Why?

As there are so many technologies to choose from when it comes to creating new FinTech apps, different developers are entitled to have different preferences. However, some companies are completely OK with working with whatever their clients tell them with no second thoughts and some specialise in particular frameworks and programming languages. We tend to belong to the latter ones and we have some strong reasons for it, so we decided to explain why we chose React Native as our go-to cross-platform framework and why our clients benefit from this decision.

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