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Decentralized Tokenized Markets: The Future of Finance Explained

DiFi Tokenization Market

The financial industry is currently undergoing a major transformation, with tokenization at its core. Toke­nized assets, which utilize blockchain technology, are poised to revolutionize­ our understanding and engageme­nt with the financial markets. But what does this mean for everyday investors, and how will it impact the future of finance?

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The Most Important NFT Trends for 2023

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a mean to authenticate a digital asset. It’s a digital certificate with encryption and blockchain-based verification mechanism. Despite the questionable value and hype being at least partially over, the NFT is still around and even going strong. At least in high-class museums of contemporary art. What NFT trends for 2023 are there and how can you benefit from them?

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