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Top 9 Open Banking Platforms in 2022

Open Banking Platforms

Since its inception in 2018 open banking has made a significant impact on the financial landscape in the UK. For over four years now, FinTech firms have been benefitting from open APIs that enable them to customise their open banking apps and services based on the consumer demand. This wouldn’t be possible without open banking platforms that have mastered open banking solutions, acting as a technological intermediary between banks and third parties for the greater good of the industry and optimal customer experience.

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Ask Me AnyFin with Simon Farmilo: Open Banking (R)evolution

Traditionally, we put trust in banks to look after our financial data. In the past, they were the only ones with access to this sensitive information which they could use to their advantage.  This has changed with the PSD2, a directive issued by the EU in 2015 according to which incumbent banks were obliged to recognise customers as the rightful owners of their financial data and to provide them with the opportunity to decide who they want to share this information with. Open banking became a reality.

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