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Painless Payments: Top 5 Online Payment Processing Companies for Startups

Julia Paduszynska

Every digital business needs a reliable toolset that will support its operations. And for many of them, online payment processing platforms are essential: according to a 2018 survey, 62% of UK’s small and medium enterprises use digital solutions to make or accept payments. However, choosing among a plethora of payment processing companies is not a breeze. This one decision can have serious implications in multiple areas, starting with customer experience, transaction security, and even your business cash flow. 

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Open Banking Apps Review

Justyna Burzynska

With over 80 percent of financial services companies in the UK investing in open banking products and services, it is safe to say that open banking has revolutionized the financial landscape. FinTech firms can now benefit from open APIs that enable them to customize apps and services based on their business requirements. These top third-party open banking apps provide companies in the FinTech space with real-time data insights to facilitate payments and enhance customer experience.

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