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AWS Security – How Secure is Amazon Web Services?

Security in Amazon Web Services

Security in digital products, not only in FinTech but in applications in general, is a top priority. Software development clients want to make sure that user data and business logic are safe from attacks. Users want to securely invest in applications through loyalty. Security in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an interesting topic to view the security issue from three perspectives – the user’s, customer’s and developer’s. Let’s talk about AWS security issues and how to think about them.

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Top 3 Cloud Services Providers for FinTech

Whether somebody likes it or not, cloud services providers and what they offer has changed the landscape of FinTech completely in recent years. At Code & Pepper we know it and we work with some of their products daily to make products for our clients. But which companies are the most popular and why? Let’s find out today!

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Best IT Recruitment Tools & Solutions for IT And How They Will Make Your Life Easier

Finding a suitable employee can be a pain in the neck, especially in IT, where skilled developers rarely seek for new job opportunities on their own and screening less experienced ones is a must. But can it all be simplified? Apparently, yes. There are dozens of useful recruitment tools that can help you, as an HR department representative. Let’s find what they are and how they can make your work more effective!

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5 Key Factors to Startups’ Project Management Success

Imagine you have a beautiful tree with a potential to bear fruit every season. It doesn’t come for free—you have to tend to it. Water the seedling, shelter from extreme weather conditions, protect from pests. Manage resources, so they can last for months. The same goes for successful project management. Many companies, especially startups, have great ideas and deep domain knowledge but lack project management skills to build products with long-lasting impact. Here’s a shortlist of key success factors and handy solutions provided by companies like ours.

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Scrum Master Certification: Step Up Your Game

“Stay home” is probably going to be the most exploited phrase of 2020. The consequences of global lockdown will loom large for years, turning the job market upside down. However, one thing hasn’t changed – you can’t go wrong with stepping up your professional game by gaining confirmed knowledge and skills. Read on to discover Scrum Master certifications tailored to different professional areas of the IT industry.

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5 Questions About Product Development: Reality Check

Let’s imagine you’ve made it this far: your FinTech idea is rock-solid, the market research is an all-night read and you’re on first names terms with the most wanted VCs. Having gone far and beyond in shaping your vision and giving your business a head start, it’s high time you covered all bases by exploring the why’s, what’s and how’s of product development. The five FAQs below should give you more insight into the intricacies of product development with the peppery flavour of our custom approach. With a pinch of Agile and a drop of Lean, it might be that acquired taste you’re looking for to give your product an edge.

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