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Landscape Shift: The Impact of the Updated EU Consumer Credit Directive on Tech Solutions

EU Parliament Approves Consumer Credit Directive, Transforming BNPL Landscape

The European Union, known for its rigorous approach to consumer protection, has recently taken significant steps to reform its Consumer Credit Directive (CCD). As consumer credit becomes more prevalent across member states, this move signifies the EU’s proactive approach to financial regulation, particularly on the retail side.

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FinTech Wire #52: Clausematch Available to Barclays Workforce, Worldcoin Promises Free Crypto

In this week’s FinTech Wire we will hear from startups Proportunity and XanPool that raised new fundings and revealed their plans for growth. We will also discuss the outcomes of the successful collaboration between Clausematch and Barclays that dates back to 2014 and learn about a brand new, minority-focused initiative by Wealth8 and WealthKernel.

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Ask Me AnyFin With Apiax: What Is RegTech? On Regulations and How to Handle Them

At some point anyone who ventures into financial services has to try and navigate the tricky maze of compliance and other regulations. In this episode of Ask Me AnyFin we chat with Alan Blanchard to find out how RegTech can help businesses easily comply with constantly changing regulations. How to keep up with these changes? What interesting solutions are available in the market? You’ll find the answers in our interview!

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