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How can I improve the performance of my Node.js application?

How improve the performance of my Node.js application?

Node.js is a powerful runtime environment that allows developers to build high-performance web applications. However, as the size and complexity of an application increases, it’s essential to keep an eye on its performance. In this article, we’ll explore some techniques for improving the performance of a Node.js application.

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CircleCI – Additional Fuel for Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) is a method of frequent delivery of software to customers introducing and perfecting automation within the app development process. CircleCI is a CI tool. Developers use it to build, test, and deploy projects. This article dives into the software and its capabilities.

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How Good Software Infrastructure Can Help in Disaster Recovery or Prevent Software Disasters?

Accidents and attacks happen – there is sometimes no way to avoid them and even maintaining the highest security standards cannot make a company 100% secure. In other words, one should always protect the systems, but you can never be sure. However, even in the worst case scenario, there is the last defence line – a disaster recovery plan. What is it, how to execute it and what does it have to do with good software infrastructure? Let’s find out!

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10 Top Software Development Trends for 2022

Progress can be defined as a way to avoid yesterday’s mistakes. Don’t look up the phrase, I just came up with it. In the world of software development, it holds surprisingly well. Companies perfected the way to create and deliver digital products, now it’s time to use them for a common good. Like green FinTech, which puts additional value on daily commercial activity. Here’s our list of software development trends for 2022. Some of them will be surprising!

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Microservices Patterns and 15 Best Practices

Microservices fundamentally changed the way applications are built, managed, and supported after launch. Even more – they had changed the way engineers and managers think about digital products in the first place. With big scalability and potential for quick growth, many managers ask how to build microservices. Here is the world of microservices, best practices, and everything in between.

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Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture. Comparison 2022


Contrary to a popular belief, microservices are not a panacea. If something is good for everything, it’s good for nothing. Many managers compare microservices vs monolithic architecture and want to know which is best for the current company’s project. Microservices are a fantastic way to make the digital product agile, and scalable. Monolith is good when you just want something to be done.

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What Are Microservices? Architecture, Importance, Advantages, Types

What are microservices? They are loosely bound, light services and protocols that can build your application. Highly specialized in nature, they tackle specific topics and handle challenges in a very agile way. Through this specialization, your application can perform better. What exactly is microservices architecture and what are the advantages of microservices?

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Software Infrastructure Architecture – Server or Serverless?

Both approaches have their benefits but none of them fits all. The more probable occurrence of a serious disruption for your business, the shorter recovery time you should have in place. The point for serverless is to boost your infrastructure architecture. There are other benefits, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Let’s go through them all.

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