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KYC: Leaders in Digital Identity Verification

Justyna Burzynska

As digital finance is gaining traction, the KYC (Know Your Customer) process is becoming vital for sustainable business models. With regulatory compliance at the roots and modern software solutions in all branches of operation, FinTech’s evergreen status relies on striking the right balance between code of conduct and customer experience. While tapping into the ABC of KYC, we begin our due diligence by identifying industry leaders in digital identity verification for financial services.

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Transparency in Software Development… Revealed

Kasia Kramnik

Do you ever have an impression that the concept of transparency in software development could be more… transparent? In every company, it can mean something entirely different and, just like any other industry practice, it has fluid boundaries. At Code & Pepper, we start our transparency policy by explaining what it stands for and what aspects of cooperation it involves. Here we go with project transparency explained for every step of the way.

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