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Talent Definition

Claiming talent is commonplace. We have a unique recipe
for identifying the finest 1.6%.

Plus AI Tool Mastery
Boosing Our Talents’ Capabilities

By merging human expertise with the power of AI, our team of talented
engineers unlocks the full potential of AI-enhanced collaboration.
This synergy empowers them to master intricate challenges
with unrivaled efficiency and showcase their remarkable ingenuity.

  1. AI Proficiency

    Uniting AI power with our top 1.6%. engineers, our human-AI teams produce innovative and dependable FinTech and HealthTech solutions, optimizing the software development lifecycle.
    • The engineer with AI tooling competencies:

    • Code completion and suggestion

      • Knows tools that use AI to analyse code and suggest code snippets, functions, and variables based on the context in which the user is coding (examples include GitHub Copilot and TabNine).
    • Code analysis
      and review

      • Knows tools that use AI to analyse code and provide feedback on code quality, security, and performance (examples include CodeGuru, CodeClimate, and Snyk).
    • Testing and debugging

      • Knows tools that use AI to help developers create tests, find bugs, and debug code (examples include: Applitools, Functionize, and Diffblue Cover).
    • Enhanced

      • Knows AI-driven security tools that use machine learning to monitor software for potential vulnerabilities and threats (examples include Darktrace and Snyk).

Outstanding Results: Top 1.6% Emerge
from our Streamlined Talent Evaluation


Throughout a year, we assessed a remarkable 3083 candidates for inclusion on our team.

1 in every 60

Merely 1 out of every 60 candidates prevailed in our stringent technical and soft skills assessment, ultimately joining our outstanding team.

true talents

This signifies that a mere 1.6% of candidates genuinely embody exceptional talent, and as esteemed members of the Code & Pepper team, they stand ready to drive your project to success.

They Already Know
What True Talent Tastes Like

Join the ranks of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500s, who trust our robust software development expertise.
Experience our rich portfolio that reflects our flexibility and skill.

Code & Pepper is a reliable and dependable company that we can recommend for other business entities to cooperate with.

Let’s Blend Our Talents
and Infuse Your Code with Flavor

Don’t let your code remain uninspired – collaborate with us to add the zest it deserves.

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