FinTech is a very difficult market to be in. New solutions pop up frequently. Competition is fierce, compliance demands strict, and investors expect nothing but spectacular success. How to navigate these waters? We have prepared a brief list of top FinTech influencers and experts. Shapers, thought leaders, and FinTech startup CEOs will help you follow trends and innovate.

FinTech Influencers from UK and World

FinTech people, also called “fin-fluencers” are an important aspect of the global financial economy. They report on current events, describe and rate trends, go through business cases. Following them on social media and reading their comments is very practical for businesses worldwide. There is a difference between FinTech bloggers and FinTech influencers; the first group writes about the industry, the second group knows what they write about.

Let’s introduce them with brief commentaries about the value they bring to the table.

Top FinTech experts to follow

1.             Spiros Margaris. One of the most influential and known FinTech experts out there. He can talk hours about investments and investors. Brief commentaries and resources about the world of technology, startups, and widely-understood finance. 

2.             Matteo Rizzi. Another legend with years of experience. He operates at the crossroads of traditional banking and new technologies. He also has a website with in-depth articles.

3.             Jason Brown. He’s a co-founder and CEO of Tally, a FinTech solution based on artificial intelligence (AI). This app helps people get rid of their credit card debt. Brown, aside from helping, shares his views on finance and business alike. 

4.             Anne Boden. Famous entrepreneur and founder of Starling Bank, a mobile-only solution. She regularly posts her views and shares industry expertise on restrictions created by legacy technology in banking and beyond.

5.             Susanne Chishti. An accomplished CEO, investor, and book author, sharing knowledge and passion for FinTech and practical ways for changing the world. With regular posts floating around, she’s best known for her educational work.

6.             Denise Thomas She’s a co-founder and CEO of Apple Pie Capital, a source of funding for franchise businesses. Thomas, as one of the many FinTech people out there, has a strong background as a leader of companies backed by venture capital firms, like Sequoia Capital. If you want to know more about investing and FinTech, it’s a source for you. 

7.             Chris Gledhill. Being the co-founder and CEO of a challenger bank Secco, Gledhill posts on a range of technologies and disruptive ideas like blockchain, AI, biometrics, wearables, and more. You can count on in-depth analysis and thoughts on the current state of the market. 

8.             Rob Frohwein. He’s a co-founder and CEO of Kabbage, a company that is rocket fuel for small companies looking for funding. He’s focused on opportunities to grow family-owned and other types of small companies that are often overlooked by larger market players. His practical tips and links are valuable for struggling owners and others that want to expand their views and firms.

9.             Dr. Ruth Wandhofer. She’s an expert on banking regulations and compliance issues. Passionate about digital finances and global markets, she shares toughs and tips on everything legal. Recently she comments on the cryptocurrency market, which is on the rise for many startup CEOs out there. 

10.          Charlotte Croswell. She’s the former CEO of Innovate Finance, a known UK-based industry body dedicated to advancing local companies and applications. She wants to breed a new generation of business leaders and help them launch new products. Croswell posts about FinTech people and their innovations, as well as capital markets.

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