The missing ingredient in FinTech product development: You.

Any software developer can write code. Some create quality code.

At Code & Pepper, we deliver gourmet FinTech products to the market’s refined taste.

Why work for Code & Pepper

There are no fixed frames for employees at Code & Pepper. We treat everybody individually and our Head of Engineering cares about your career and self development by planning them with you.
Your freedom
Most of us have been working remotely even before the pandemic and we’re spreaded all around the country. You can work wherever you want or you can commute to one of our offices – your choice. Your time schedule is also up to you.
Focus on what
you do best
At Code & Pepper you don’t need to deal with direct contacts with the clients as much as anywhere else, because our PMs do most of it for you. Just do what you do best. One project at a time, without being delegated to different ones too often.
with no secrets
You always know what awaits you at Code & Pepper. Since the very first job interview, you’ll learn all you need to know about the project you’re applying for and you’ll attend company-sponsored courses according to your plan.
Always towards
the future
The FinTech industry is developing swiftly and we are always on top of the game. Only the newest technologies, high-end hardware and constant flow of knowledge. You’ll never get bored.
We’re not a corporation, we’re people just like you and we like to have fun too. Did you know that the Code & Pepper logo is actually a sękacz cake? You can get one straight from Suwałki if you join!

Code & Pepper
in a nutshell

track record
on the market
since 2006
by 93% in 2020
on world-changing
in the FinTech

Extra spice
just for you!

26 days
of holidays
working hours
& workshops
career path
30 days
of sick leave
Plus Package
sękacz cake

No stress before the interview

Don’t freak out when you get invited for an interview. Just remember about turning on your webcam and don’t worry about something getting in the frame. We risk the same with our children, colleagues, dogs and cats all around.

Don’t worry
about the interview time,

it really does not matter
whether it takes 30 or 90 minutes,
it’s a completely individual matter.
Stressing out because the interview
was relatively short is pointless,
so just relax and patiently
wait for feedback!

You’ll talk to a person from the talent acquisition department and a technical expert. We’ll introduce ourselves in an email prior to the interview, so you can even check us out on Linkedin.

Usually, we’ll start with discussing your solution to the recruitment task.

After that, we’ll ask a few technical questions to assess your knowledge and experience.

Then, we’ll have a quick chat in English. This language is essential for us, due to the global nature of our work.

At the end, we’ll like to have a few words about your past work experience, projects you participated in and even your hobbies, just to know you better. You’ll be able to ask us about whatever you like, too.

What is it like at Code & Pepper?

Mateusz Kutyna Frontend Developer

Gaining experience from Code & Pepper employees is a great opportunity for newly minted developers. Thanks to them, I learned what good code really looks like.

Agnieszka Kopiczko Project Manager

This has been the most challenging, interesting and fulfilling job in my career so far. I know I can count on my team and we stand for each other in case any project issues occur. But most of all, I have learnt a lot and I’m still learning every day.

Bartosz Janowski Senior Full-Stack Developer

Working at Code & Pepper means constant development for me. With each new project, I discover a new level of my capabilities and learn the latest technology, while helping clients create and develop their outstanding products.

Open positions

Any questions?

If you’d like to learn more about the company, about the recruitment process, our projects
or literally anything related with Code & Pepper, before you apply for a job, feel free to ask.
The talent acquisition department
is waiting for emails.

Write to me