The missing ingredient
in FinTech product development

Any software developer can write code.
Some create quality code.
We add extra spice to the code
to meet the market’s refined taste.

What we do

We build quality FinTech products in form
of web, mobile, and cross-platform applications.
You can choose to solely work with us to build software
or extend your own team by hiring our developers.

Why we do it

We believe FinTech can transform
the world around us. Make it better.
More affordable, convenient and easy.
We deliver experiences, not mere code.

How we do it

Anyone with skill can make a dish.
Only seasoned chefs have their signature dishes.
Ours is made of research-driven UX/UI, TypeScript-based
technology, and agile methodology. And, of course, pepper.

How we cooperate

We listen to you. Your reasons behind creating a product.
Your ways to deliver value for customers. Your vision
is our guideline. Our team is your pepper in a dish.
Quality, transparency, conversation.

The only proof you need – our clients

Code & Pepper have been instrumental in scaling our Engineering Team. By building dedicated teams of Ruby Engineers, they have helped us hire highly skilled developers into our business.

Let’s come together,
in sweet harmony

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Olga Pogorzelska
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