Talent delivers quality code,
not just any developer.

Code & Pepper: top 1.6% of exceptionally talented, senior-level
engineers crafting superior FinTech & HealthTech solutions.

Senior-Level Talented Software Developers

Claiming talent is commonplace.
We have a unique recipe for
identifying the finest 1.6%.

While anyone can claim talent and experience, our methodology – encompassing 6 categories, 31 areas, and 64 specific criteria – precisely defines the talent and seniority levels of our engineers.

Thanks to our clear definition and rigorous verification process, we can confidently assert that our team consists of authentic senior-level talent. Need proof? Examine our methodology, which identifies a mere 1.6% of candidates as exceptional talents.

Finally, the choice between experienced and talented engineers becomes obsolete. Code & Pepper is composed of engineers who seamlessly combine Experience & Talent, offering you the best of both worlds in a single package.

Hire true talents

Our unique talent-finding recipe yields
a notable result: only 1.6% make the cut.


Throughout a year, we assessed a remarkable 3083 candidates for inclusion on our team.

1 in every 60

Merely 1 out of every 60 candidates prevailed in our stringent technical and soft skills assessment, ultimately joining our outstanding team.

true talents

This signifies that a mere 1.6% of candidates genuinely embody exceptional talent, and as esteemed members of the Code & Pepper team, they stand ready to drive your project to success.

Code & Pepper has been very responsive to our business needs. When new requirements emerged, they were fast and diligent to provide us with engineers that fully met our requirements.
Christian Schneider
Co-founder of Monkee

Award-Winning Impact:
Triumphing Challenges, One App at a Time

Each journey begins with your challenge, which transforms into our mission and occasionally earns recognition.
We’re honored to make a difference, one app at a time.

Settle for Nothing Less Than
True Value

In today’s software development landscape, highly specialized engineers are essential for delivering value. Code & Pepper excels by
uniting unmatched senior-level talent, focused tech specialization, and targeted proficiency in FinTech and HealthTech solutions.
Experience the synergy of these three key components in our exceptional, all-in-one offering.

Discover Key Components
of Our Distinctive Value Proposition

Unmatched Expertise:
Senior-Level Talent
Meets Rigorous Criteria

Streamlined Specialization:
a Narrow Tech Stack

Targeted Proficiency:
FinTech & HealthTech Solutions

See how we’ve empowered success
for our worldwide clientele.

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React & Angular

Empower your web apps with React & Angular,
our chosen front-end duo for dynamic, interactive,
and high-performing user experiences.

Node.js & Ruby

Harness the power of Node.js & Ruby for robust,
scalable back-end solutions that drive seamless
performance and elevate your applications.

Industry Expertise:

Revolutionize FinTech with our cutting-edge solutions,
driving innovation in finance through seamless digital
experiences and secure platforms.

Industry Expertise:

Transform HealthTech by leveraging our expertise
in creating secure, compliant, and user-friendly
digital solutions for improved patient care

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custom solutions tailored to your needs.

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They Already Know
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See for yourself the companies that trust us to deliver top-notch software development services.
From small startups to Fortune 500 corporations, we have the experience and expertise to tackle any project.

Code & Pepper is a reliable and dependable company that we can recommend for other business entities to cooperate with.

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