Monkee: Why Would a Startup Choose Team Augmentation Instead of Hiring in House

Skill gaps affect small technical teams even more than mature businesses – it’s time to act!

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The necessity to quickly extend a software team can occur in businesses of any size and stage of development. Monkee, a European startup originated in Austria, were struggling with hiring a developer in their native market that would meet the requirements in terms of skills and experience. Code & Pepper joined Monkee as a recruitment partner to provide a steady source of highly qualified programmers.

About Monkee

Monkee was created to help manage personal and family budgets in a motivating and enjoyable way. The app promotes smart spending for an average spender by using effective behavioral design, gamification and machine learning. Based on the data collected from the user’s bank account, the app provides spending forecasts, tips and personalised communication. The company was founded in Austria, which was one of the kick-off markets for the application, but the current team is working from different locations around Europe.


Monkee founders approached Code & Pepper during Pioneers, a renowned technological event in Vienna. For some time, they had been struggling with the recruitment of a React Native developer on their local market, only to find out that the supply of developers in Austria is far from meeting the demand in general, not to mention particular technologies. 

The next requirement they had was to collaborate with the developer directly and avoid hiring the additional staff such as project manager or product owner. The team augmentation formula offered by Code & Pepper proved to be the most effective option for a company like Monkee.

Solutions for Monkee

Flexible recruitment process

In its essence, team augmentation at Code & Pepper involves the partner’s active participation in the recruitment. With Monkee, this meant designing a custom process requested by Jean-Yves, the CTO of the company. We were given a job specification and agreed on the request to skip the standard recruitment task and require the candidates to share a code sample instead. It is our job to provide a portfolio of interesting developers, but the final decision stays on the partner’s side. 

Steady flow of talent

Rapid changes in product development are the spice of life in the startup ecosystem – there’s no time for lengthy talent search, no matter if it’s connected with team scaling or replacing previously hired staff. One of the key values brought to Monkee was the continuous supply of talent for different stages of their business. We started with one developer, but since the cooperation in terms of recruitment and team coordination proved successful, Code & Pepper is on the lookout for new talent – Node.js developers. 

Remote team coordination

Finding the right person for the job is just the first part of the process. If the team is scattered around different locations, we need to take care of the working conditions for new hires and ensure they have everything they need to perform well. This means legal work, office coordination, equipment, security, administrative tasks, and other factors that affect the overall results of the cooperation.

Technologies and solutions for Monkee

React Native

Services for Monkee

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