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Any financial app development company can make a digital product. Only some of them can turn code into a performing app. Choose mobile app development financial services from industry veterans.

Financial application development
is not easy

Financial app development

To create a financial app, you need to consider various factors. Security, compliance, performance, usability – these will turn users into paying customers. Our financial app developers have years of experience and many completed projects.

Clients trust our FinTech software development services not only because of experience. We listen. We dive deep into your business motivations. We consult and advise. Someone else’s “good” is never “good enough.” In financial technology, you face multiple development challenges. We turn “not easy” into “challenging but doable.” Do you want to know how we do it?

Create complex solutions with highly qualified financial app developers

From attractive design through the right technology stack to performance-driven development – the road to a successful financial app isn’t always straightforward. With skilled talent on your side, finance mobile app development can keep up with the market and avoid obstacles. Team up with a software development company that understands your needs, challenges, and goals.

Financial app development company with a twist

We add pepper into the mix, making software development instantly recognisable. Make your product stand out, contact us!

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Finance mobile app development done right

Product discovery

Every financial app development company has to start somewhere. To approach fintech app development the right way, we first have to know what you want to build and why. What problems do you want to solve? What challenges to address? What is the business justification behind the app? How do you think the market will respond to the product?

Design and spec

During this phase, we incorporate everything you have told us to create the best possible product. Financial software development should start with choosing the right technologies, frameworks, libraries, and tools. Before we build anything, we build architecture. A foundation for everything else. Only then we can go on with finance mobile app development.


We understand that mobile app development financial services are complicated and demanding. For us and for you. That’s why we bet on regular consultations, transparency and full access to everything – both developers and documentation. We don’t hide behind challenges, we embrace them. You know everything, at any given time. Always.

UX/UI design

Financial application development wouldn’t be complete without understanding users. They want seamless experiences and useful functionalities. What they don’t want is looking for something in the dark. The simpler the design, the better. Our specialists can refine your product or design it from scratch. No matter the model, it will always benefit your clients.

API integrations

Do you want to integrate your application with third-party solutions? Do you want to enhance functionality with a new and hot tool? To us, it doesn’t matter but it may matter to your audience. Integration with another API is a popular way to make your product stand out and build trust between yourself and users. At least some of them will turn into paying customers.
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AWS-powered application

Amazon Web Services is a powerful behemoth. Full of solutions, integrations, and hosting capabilities that will elevate your business. Boost your application by using the power of the cloud. It can scale up or down, depending on the load. It can get the support of a massive Amazon infrastructure for computing power and storage. We can help you tame this power.

Flex Funding

Development of Denmark’s leading crowdlending platform

Flex Funding is a web marketplace that combines peer-to-peer lending and business investment. The company connects private and professional lenders, who want to have a performing portfolio, with small and medium-sized companies that need affordable loans to grow their businesses.

Code & Pepper refined product requirements, created seamless user interface, optimised UX, and delivered professional Angular developers.

By implementing highly efficient front-end solutions, Flex Funding achieved its main product goals. Our development resulted in higher accessibility and performance. We also strengthened security features and tested them within our tailored quality assurance process.

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Clients share their feedback

James Varga CEO and Founder
DirectID (The ID Co.)

We value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, responsiveness and transparency. It’s a reliable and dependable company that we can recommend for other business entities to cooperate with.

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Thomas McHugh Founder and Director

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper, including UX design and development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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Andrew Spence Director
Aspen, by North Capital

Code & Pepper has displayed nothing short of technical knowledge, commitment and overall project management skills. Thanks to their crew we were able to launch a seamlessly designed platform. The project was always timeline- and budget-oriented.

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