IT Team Augmentation Services:
Dedicated Software Engineers.

Do you need new people in your team
or to form a whole new squad?

Seasoned FinTech experts
can be at your disposal.

Recruitment, onboarding and staff maintenance can turn into costly and time-consuming processes, stealing your focus from growth and innovation.

By outsourcing all of these aspects to specialists, you minimise the risks, workload and costs on your side, so you can focus on your product better.

No matter if you only need to spice up your team with a few specialists or recruit a complete new software development unit with Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Designers and whoever else may be required – Code & Pepper has you covered. Even if it means creating a new office from scratch just for you.

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Software team augmentation in just 3 steps

At Code & Pepper we understand that the more stable
a team is, the better for our partner. That’s why we designed
software Team Augmentation to be an on-going, FinTech-oriented
service, instead of offering just a regular IT recruitment service.

  1. Recruitment

    • Defining the needs

      You state your tastes, we find the talents that will fit your business and needs.

      • Roles, technology stack, seniority level
      • Work culture fit
      • Verification methods
    • Gathering the candidates

      We scan our databases and reach outside to find the experts you want. We always strive to have talented people available, so a new employee can join you within weeks.

      • Internal recruitments
      • Job ads on the Code & Pepper website
      • Social media campaigns
      • Mailings
    • Verifying applicants

      Before we reach back to you, we make sure our picks are as accurate as possible.

      • Test tasks
      • Interviews conducted by subject matter experts
      • Soft skills and time zone fit assessment
    • Presenting candidates

      After we’ve made sure a candidate is promising, we schedule a call between the three sides: us, you and them. Then, the decision is up to you, but our role doesn’t stop here.

  2. Onboarding

    We don’t leave after we find you an employee.

    We stay with you to make sure they integrate with your team well.
    After all, an initial knowledge transfer is critical to success.

    • Getting to know the team members on the Partner’s side
    • Understanding the work culture, processes and the product
    • Setting up development and communicating tools
  3. Maintenance

    What sets Code & Pepper apart from ordinary recruiters
    that we minimise risks involved in software development
    by establishing a constant feedback and assistance loop.
    • Team support

      We feel responsible for the teams we help building. Not only from the technical point of view. We take care of all this, so you don’t have to:

      • Timesheets, invoices and coordination
      • Organising the meetings
      • Fluent information flow
      • Solving internal and personal problems in the team
      • Transparent communication
    • Performance evaluation

      We regularly check on how the team is doing and perform performance analysis to minimise your risks and ensure consistent progress of your project.

    • Career development

      We want the employees we delegate to your projects to grow in skills, knowledge and experience, so your team gets better with time and wants to stay with you.

      • Planning the career development path
      • Conducting periodic assessment meeting
      • Organising professional training courses

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Why build your team with Code & Pepper

We’re not just a service provider, we’re a FinTech-oriented software development partner.

Performance evaluation

We have 14 years of experience
in FinTech and we know this market
inside out.

Near you

Code & Pepper is an EU-based company with HQ in Poland and an office in London. The time zone is CET and it’s easy to meet in person.


We believe in open communication
and absolute honesty, when it comes
to your project.


We don’t limit ourselves to only what is in the contract. Whenever we see something that could be improved, we show it to you and discuss it.


When time comes and you need to scale up the team, we’re there for you with a new set
of candidates.


We focus on you, but keep the team members in mind too. By caring for their career development and professional education, we ensure your team’s stability, reliability and willingness to stay on board your project.

Software development team building
and management

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