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Web Apps:
Where Convenience Meets Innovation

A web application, or web app, is where convenience meets innovation in the digital landscape.
Hosted remotely, these apps are accessible anytime, anywhere via a web browser, offering ultimate convenience.
Their flexibility and scalability are at the forefront of technological innovation
and are also key attributes we prioritize in our development process.

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Discover the Must-Have Features
of Next-Gen Web Apps

Before diving into your next web development project, explore the essential
features that set next-generation web apps apart – and that we prioritize in every build.

Platform Independence

Web apps can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

No Installation Required

Users don’t need to download or install software to use a web app. This makes it easier to maintain and update the application, as any changes are immediately available to all users.


Web apps can be easily scaled to accommodate a growing number of users or additional functionalities.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Since they run in web browsers, web apps are generally platform-agnostic and can function on various operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Centralized Data

Data is usually stored on a central server, making it easier to manage, update, and backup.


Modern web apps often use technologies like AJAX and WebSocket to fetch data in the background, providing a more interactive and responsive user experience.

Explore the Web Apps
That Are Transforming Industries

Financial and Banking Apps

Many banks and financial institutions offer web apps for online banking, trading, and financial planning.

Productivity Tools

Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, and Asana are examples of web apps designed to improve productivity.

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are examples of web apps that let you manage and publish content on websites.

E-commerce Platforms

Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce facilitate online buying and selling of products or services.

Streaming Services

Netflix and Spotify are web apps that stream movies, TV shows, and music.

Social Networking Sites

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are web apps that enable social interactions.

From Concept to Success:
A Web App Case Study

Transforming Finance with Web App for Aspen

Based in Scotland, Aspen delivers personalized investment analytics and asset management solutions geared towards individual investors. By integrating users’ risk assessments, Aspen recommends portfolios that align with their financial objectives.

At Code & Pepper, we spearheaded the web app’s development, infusing it with an intuitive design and a visually captivating interface.

Our seamless teamwork with the client was instrumental in accelerating the project from idea to market-ready product. Our objective was to deliver an uncomplicated yet highly effective tool for daily financial management. The specialized skillset from our React Web development team was crucial in turning this vision into reality.

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We have worked with Code & Pepper on our platform and they have displayed nothing short of technical knowledge, commitment and overall
project management skills.

Boost Your Business with Our Award-Winning
Web Development Services

Your challenges are our mission, fueling a commitment to excellence that has earned us industry recognition.
We’re honored to make a difference, one web app at a time.

Real-life Case: Smart Pension Web Platform

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Case Study: AZA Finance

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Real-life Case: LUSID by Finbourne

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Powering Web Development
with the Elite 1.6% of Engineering Talent

A Year in Talent Assessment:
3083 Candidates

Over the past year, we’ve assessed an impressive 3,083 engineering candidates, each aiming to join our elite Code & Pepper team.

The 1-in-60 Club:
Stringent Selection

Our assessments are rigorous, focusing on both technical and soft skills. The end result? Only 1 out of every 60 candidates make the cut to join us.

The Elite 1.6%:
Exceptional Talent Defined

These statistics mean just 1.6% of candidates meet our high standards – esteemed talents ready to drive your projects to success.

Our Methodology:
Finding the Top 1.6%

Through an exhaustive evaluation covering more than 70 facets of software engineering expertise, we identify the crème de la crème, enabling us to offer superior web development services you won’t find elsewhere.

Choose a Seasoned Web App Development Ally
for Guaranteed Success

Aligning with a seasoned web development agency like Code & Pepper can streamline your complex projects and guide you
smoothly to your objectives. Our approach to web app creation is deeply grounded in best-in-class methodologies, enhanced
by over a decade and a half of industry experience. Your project is in expert hands, from inception to deployment.

Our Proven Strategy

Idea Sharpening

Consult with our experts to fine-tune your vision and outline a strategic game plan.

Choosing the Right Technologies

Work closely with your dedicated tech team to pinpoint the best-fit technologies for your project.

Crafting the User Interface

Design an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly web application that meets your specific needs.

Bringing Your App to Life

Watch as our specialized web engineers turn your concept into a functioning application.

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A History of Outstanding Projects

Code & Pepper’s diverse project portfolio speaks to our global footprint, particularly in the realms of FinTech and HealthTech.
Through working with respected brands like Smart Pension, Patchwork, Finbourne, and CoverTree,
we continue to bolster our reputation for innovative and impactful solutions.

Instant Payment App
Backed by Node.js

We empowered Moojo, an innovative app for freelancers that
facilitates instantaneous payments and efficient invoicing.
By integrating with Auth0 and Expo EAS, we delivered
a flawless user experience and automated updates.

CoverTree: Redefining
Home Insurance

Our skillful web app development team took CoverTree
from concept to a funded InsurTech venture, securing
a $10M seed round and delivering game-changing
solutions in North America.

Patchwork: Saving Healthcare Sites £40M

Amid a critical growth phase, our web app experts revamped Patchwork’s architecture and functionality, boosting the UK HealthTech company’s staffing solutions and winning immense nationwide acclaim.

Hear from Our Clients

Alexander Rainey CEO and Founder

I really value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, transparency, and detailed attention to security. These are what made the partnership trusted and solid. The product team was always very helpful in explaining all technical matters, along with a project manager who took care of work organisation.

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Andrew Spence Director
Aspen, by North Capital

Code & Pepper has displayed nothing short of technical knowledge, commitment and overall project management skills. Thanks to their crew we were able to launch a seamlessly designed platform. The project was always timeline- and budget-oriented.

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Callum Dryden CTO
AZA Finance

Code & Pepper is as aligned with the delivery goals as our engineering staff. We’ve been really pleased with the performance of their coding. The best thing about working with them is consistent reliability. If I assign their engineers a task, it’s always delivered quickly, effectively, and to a standard that I’d expect.

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Our Clients
Enjoy Strategic Partnerships

Code & Pepper services are leveraged by a wide array of HealthTech and FinTech clients, who themselves collaborate
with industry pioneers. Whether you’re an established player or a new disruptor,
there’s space for you to innovate with us.

Measurable Impact by the Numbers

At times, the numbers provide the most compelling narrative.

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in the Field

70+ Software

500+ Successful

Where You Can Find Us

Our web services have been featured in major tech events
around the world – from San Francisco to Dubai, Berlin, London, and Tel Aviv.

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