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FinTech software development services
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FinTech Software Development Services

From open banking to InsurTech, from payment applications to alternative financing, loan solutions, and more. Our FinTech software development services company can support you with the implementation of cloud, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. With our code your product will perform, be secure and easily scalable. With the integration of custom APIs, you will achieve even more.

We also have UX/UI design services, where our specialists turn your business goals into clean and powerful user experiences. No predefined code. Only tailored and practical solutions dedicated to what you need the most. Right now, and for the future. FinTech software development is not only about the code, it’s also about user experience.

Software development for FinTech
that treats the users’ expectations seriously

When you set out to win your audience with a new FinTech solution, you need experienced FinTech software developers on your side. At Code & Pepper, we offer FinTech development services focused on users, not artificial personas. Quality, performance, user-friendly experience — we pay attention to it all so that your product can meet (and exceed) the audience’s expectations.

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Our FinTech software development services
fix challenges

Development in line with your business goals

Discovering a market gap that your practical solution will fix is half the adventure. The next step is conceptualising an idea. Years of experience tell us that projects clients come to us with rarely look the same at the beginning and at the end. As a FinTech software development company, Code & Pepper can help you identify strong and weak points of your project to serve your clients better.

Identification of app development complexities

There’s an idea for an app, budget, and expected project scope. There’s also the real world where customers’ needs and feedback from software development can change at least one factor from the first phase. We take FinTech development services seriously – from working on legacy code through building an app from scratch to consulting on additional functionalities.

Fixing the tech stack and integration issues

A lot is going on at the back-end. Resolving compatibility concerns or regular issues involving but not limited to architecture, database, server, and operating system can be a challenge. Not to mention possible API-related problems. At Code & Pepper, we work with you to establish the best possible technology stack and predict all factors that can cause headaches.

Guaranteeing security

This is one of the most important factors in FinTech software development. Mistakes in storing, processing, and securing users’ data can create serious problems (e.g. in legal or operational areas). The creation of a successful application must start with a security-first FinTech development mindset and processes. Our approach is fueled by back-end and cloud security.

Development with compliance in mind

Governments put data security and FinTech laws in place to protect the end-users’ interests. This leads to two consequences you and your FinTech software development partner need to take into account: transparency and security. By implementing the right measures and incorporating technological advancements, we make sure the product meets all legal standards.

Creation of seamless customer experience

We have saved the best for last. Whether it’s FinTech web development or FinTech mobile app development, the key to success is always the end-user. Innovations improve customer experience but it all starts with basics: responding to their needs and solving real, not imaginary problems. Things like peer-to-peer (P2P) or point-of-sale (PoS) implementation contribute to that.

Flex Funding

Development of Denmark’s leading crowdlending platform

Flex Funding is a web marketplace that combines peer-to-peer lending and business investment. It connects private and professional lenders who want to have a performing portfolio, with small and medium-sized companies that need affordable loans to grow their businesses.

Code & Pepper refined product requirements, created seamless user interface, optimised UX, and delivered professional Angular developers.

By implementing highly efficient front-end solutions, Flex Funding used our FinTech product development services to achieve main product goals. Our development resulted in higher accessibility and performance of the platform. We have also emphasised security features and tested them within our tailored quality assurance process.

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Entering the world of FinTech
doesn’t happen by chance

With the right customer insights and software solutions, you can change the way money affects people and businesses.
Team up with a FinTech software services provider that will go above and beyond to support you on your product development journey.

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Your trusted partner – a FinTech software development company

Over the years, we have completed more than 400 projects. Our approach to providing financial software development services and digital transformation allows for quality and short time-to-market. By putting a strong emphasis on the development process, your individual needs, and app security standards, we deliver complex solutions.

Customer-centric approach

FinTech is not about money; it’s about people. Put customer satisfaction and smooth user experience above the PowerPoint graphs. In the sea of FinTech software, only apps that address genuine customer needs stand out. Solving real problems of real people is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Focus on product design

The best response to your customer expectations is amazing product design. Sometimes even the smallest detail in the interface can impact user experience and turn into a dealbreaker. Give your customers what traditional banking has been losing since 2008: trust.

Short time-to-market

FinTech is growing rapidly. We understand that without short time-to-market you’re already falling behind. By learning the core elements of your product and developing the MVP, we put your idea out there to get the most valuable response: directly from the users.

Agile product development

In the fast-paced FinTech world, FinTech software development process should give you the ability to adapt and respond to the changing conditions. Agile product development is a proven way to maintain high-quality code and design while making the most of available time and talent.

Scalable teams

It may turn out that your team needs new talent at different phases of FinTech development. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and the product is not moving as fast as it should: that’s when an agile team of an external FinTech software development company comes in handy. You can easily change the shape and skill set of your team according to current project needs.

FinTech-ready technology stack

Product design is just the beginning: the next step is to choose the right technology stack. By working on hundreds of projects, we have established a set of secure technologies that allow for quick development. Whether it’s mobile, front-end, or back-end, we provide an accurate selection of optimal programming tools to ensure long-time application performance.

Technologies used at Code & Pepper

As a FinTech software development company, we have expertise in technologies used in FinTech app development to create both web and mobile applications.
This versatility enables us to create optimal solutions or swiftly adapt to different technology stacks across varied projects.


Team augmentation and Scrum management for business asset management platform

Code & Pepper experts contributed to the development of LUSID, an advanced business asset management platform. The project scope varied during the years of collaboration, according to the current needs of the client: from product design, UI/UX design and product ownership to web app development in Angular and project management.

Changes were never a problem due to two factors: Code & Pepper’s flexibility in team augmentation and Scrum team management.

Scrum helped us tackle all issues which could affect IT nearshoring, streamlined communication between the client and the team members located in Poland and provided an efficient way to measure project progress.

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What our clients say

Thomas McHugh Founder and Director

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper, including UX design and development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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Alexander Rainey CEO and Founder

I really value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, transparency, and detailed attention to security. These are what made the partnership trusted and solid. The product team was always very helpful in explaining all technical matters, along with a project manager who took care of work organisation.

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Premila Stampe Head of Business Strategy
Flex Funding

We value Code & Pepper for their quick-to-grasp understanding of our financial product and implementing an optimized user experience on the client-side app. The team are highly experienced and brought a great approach to our project.

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