Delivering the Missing Ingredients
in Software Development

While any developer can write code, at Code & Pepper, we add the extra
seasoning that makes software development truly exceptional.

So, what exactly are
these missing ingredients?

Exceptional Talent

With our unique talent-identification process, we scrutinize over 70 attributes, pinpointing the top 1.6% of candidates. At Code & Pepper, we set the bar for exceptional talent.

Artificial Intelligence

We harmonize AI tools efficiency with human talent. Our ‘centaur teams’ combine creativity and precision, bringing you the future of software development today.

Tech-Specific Expertise

We specialize in selected technologies: React, Node.js, Angular, and Ruby. Our focused approach guarantees top-tier solutions from deep technology understanding.


Focusing on FinTech and HealthTech, we combine elite talent, AI tools, specific tech expertise, and extensive experience to build domain-specific solutions with supreme efficiency.

Tested Experience

With 16 successful years and over 500 projects delivered globally, we understand how to optimally leverage knowledge, talent, and tools. Experience matters at Code & Pepper.

Our Service Recipe:
Refined from Years of Experience

Established in 2006, Code & Pepper initially focused on developing our proprietary SaaS product.
Our success in this arena inspired us to share our expertise with others.

Over 16 years of lean management and continuous improvement have guided us
towards a hybrid talent-AI engineering approach, right at the heart of Europe.

  • Founding of Code & Pepper
  • Development and sales of our proprietary SaaS product
  • Transitioning to a full-fledged custom software development service provider
  • Winning our first international clients
  • Partnering up with Finbourne to work on LUSID (our first FinTech project that we’re still developing so far)
  • Deciding to focus on FinTech only
  • Partnering up with Smart Pension to offer UK customers an automated pension schemes platform
  • The development of our unique talent identification method has enabled us to hire only the top 1.6% of talent in the field
  • Partnering up with AZA to revolutionize payments and international money transfers in Africa
  • Winning the Forbes Diamond for the fastest growing company
  • Expanded specialization to include the development of HealthTech products
  • Winning the Forbes Diamond for the second time in a row
  • The future is unknown but it surely is bright…

Our Trusted Partners

From cutting-edge startups to Fortune 500 stalwarts, spanning from the UK to the US,
we’ve successfully delivered more than 500 projects.

Get to Know the Leadership
Driving Code & Pepper

Olga Pogorzelska

Business Development

Olga Pogorzelska, our empathetic and understanding manager, commands the marketing and sales department. Her leadership roots trace back to her experience directing a nationwide charity foundation. Educated at Kaplan Business School in Sydney and Warsaw University, Olga brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Her friendly demeanor, positive energy, and keen understanding of client needs make her exceptional at cultivating and preserving business relationships at Code & Pepper.

Aleksandra Pluta

Talent Acquisition

Aleksandra Pluta is our talent acquisition specialist. Over the years, she has gained an intimate understanding of the tech community through hundreds of conversations with engineers. But she knows it’s not just about their expectations. She understands that talent in IT is a blend of innate ability, education, experience, practice, and personal ethos. Moreover, through her continuous evaluation and optimization of recruitment processes, she has honed a method for conducting them with reliable predictability.

Ewa Dusza

Service Delivery

Ewa Dusza, whose surname fittingly translates to ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ in Polish, is the soulful core of our project management team. Always insightful and foreseeing, Ewa excels in confronting and overcoming challenges with a concrete and methodical approach. Her true brilliance lies in uniting all stakeholders in the service delivery process, truly embodying the good spirit of connection.

Agnieszka Kopiczko

Service Delivery

Agnieszka Kopiczko embarked on her career journey in a UK corporation. With over seven years at Code & Pepper, she has an intimate understanding of all processes and nuances related to service delivery, along with deep insights into the broader tech industry. Noted for her exceptional work ethic, practicality, precision, and high standards in communication and cooperation, Agnieszka has always thrived at the crossroads of clients and service providers. Her role is best likened to that of a quarterback in volleyball—orchestrating success.

Adam Pogorzelski

Finance & Operations

Adam Pogorzelski possesses an exceptional understanding of the IT industry’s intricacies and its future trajectory. An alumnus of Warsaw University, he honed his skills in the business development department of Poland’s largest educational publisher. However, his passion for growth soon led him to focus his energies entirely on fostering Code & Pepper’s operations.

But this is just the core of Code & Pepper. You can count
that the rest 70 members of our family are no less gifted.

Awards & Recognitions

Every journey starts with your challenge. It becomes our mission and sometimes appreciation.
It’s a privilege to change the world, one application at a time.

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