Any software developer can write code.

We add the missing ingredient to it. Just some extra spice to meet the market’s refined taste.

Code & Pepper redefines how FinTech is done.

We’re an honest partner
Friend’s don’t lie. So we are totally sincere with our partners all the time too. Even when it comes to bad news.
We give you access to the best
We build our teams only of seasoned experts who know not only technology, but also the industry.
We’re stable and predictable
When building and maintaining a team for you, we ensure it will last without surprises that could disrupt the flow.
We’re a client‑centric company
Your success is our success. We do more than the job we’re hired to do. If we see a way to help you – we do.
We’re one step ahead of the competition
World changes and FinTech changes too. To keep up, we work only with cutting-edge technologies.

But who are we and what actually
is this missing ingredient?

Code & Pepper was founded in 2006 as a small software development agency, but we soon realized that one cannot be a jack of all trades. With the emergence of the new, exciting sector of economy, FinTech, we decided to be a part of the revolution in how financial services are offered.

After over 15 years of constant growth and self-development, we can proudly
and openly say that we live and breathe FinTech. Right in the middle of Europe.

  • Code & Pepper founded
  • Development and sales of our first product in the SaaS model
  • Changing the business model and becoming a full-fledged software development agency
  • Winning over first international clients
  • Partnering up with Finbourne to work on LUSID (our first FinTech project that we’re still developing so far)
  • Deciding to focus on FinTech only
  • Partnering up with Smart Pension to offer UK customers an automated pension schemes platform
  • Partnering up with AZA to revolutionize payments and international money transfers in Africa
  • 50 people on board
  • Winning the Forbes Diamond for the fastest growing company
  • 75 FinTech enthusiasts on board
  • Winning the Forbes Diamond for the second time in a row
  • The future is unknown but it surely is bright…

They have already trusted us

Meet the team behind Code & Pepper

What sets us apart is the combination of unique talents that managed to meet and work together in one place.

Lukasz Korol

CEO, Co-founder

Passionate about development and a perfectionist. He started his software development business as soon as he graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology with a master’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication. During his career, he successfully led hundreds of projects.

Jacek Kosciesza


The brain behind the technological perfection of the products we build. Jacek completed his PhD studies in computer science in The Silesian University of Technology and has 15 years of professional experience in the industry. Thanks to building his career on a number of positions, he is more than a developer, but also a QA, technical lead and a manager. The diverse competences make him a man who succeeds where others don’t.

Olga Pogorzelska

Head of Sales

An understanding and empathetic manager with a background in leading a nationwide charity foundation. Olga was educated in Kaplan Business School in Sydney and in Warsaw University. Thanks to her friendly attitude, positive energy and recognition of the clients’ needs in Code & Pepper, she does a great job at building and maintaining business relationships.

Piotr Szolucha

Head of Project Management

A problem solver, experimenter, mediator and leader. Piotr graduated from Silesian University with a Master’s degree in Social Science and Psychology to work as a Knowledge manager and Project Manager for the most recognizable IT brands in the world. Now, he is responsible for the delivery of all projects and supervising our PMs. Piotr has a unique appetite for risk balanced with a sense of boundaries which combined, result in continuous value delivery for our Clients.

Adam Pogorzelski


A man with a brilliant understanding of how the FinTech industry works and in which direction it is heading. A graduate of Warsaw University. He developed his career in the marketing department of the largest educational publisher in Poland, but soon decided to focus solely on making Code & Pepper grow.

But this is just the core of Code & Pepper. You can count
that the rest 70 members of our family are no less gifted.


Every journey starts with your challenge. It becomes our mission and sometimes appreciation.
It’s a privilege to change the world, one application at a time.

Looking for a business partner
or a job? Contact us.