To build you an app,
we first have to know your business.

Our approach is based on understanding your business goals. We design,
build, and support software products from conception to market success.

We focus on you.

Every step of the way.


You are invited to all internal meetings related to your product.


You are an integral part of the project’s risk management.


You have access to all product increments,
at all times.


You have constant access to the product’s performance metrics.


You have access to all team members. Because relationships matter.

Product development process involves two parties – you and the software development partner. By putting the emphasis on your business needs, we build applications to last. Changing market conditions and users’ needs won’t affect you if we think about solid principles throughout the entire product development life cycle.

How do we approach
new product development?

Product discovery
and prototype design

We learn about your company, business goals
and ideas behind the product to turn it into
a development-ready proposition.


We design, develop and test the product
to deliver it asap to a market that demands high standards.

Product launch
and support

We put the product on the market
and enhance it, basing on real market
user data to enable growth.

How we discover and design your product

We get an overall idea
of your product.

Next, we turn functional
requirements into user stories.

Then, we make clickable prototypes
to design and confirm expected
User Experience.

We prioritize requirements based
on time and budget considerations.
Prioritized requirements are
treated as a Product Backlog
in the development phase.

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translates into a real-life case?

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We pay attention to the development,
so your product will perform

The team selects top items from the Product Backlog
to be the scope of the sprint.

The result of the sprint (Product Increment)
is delivered and reviewed with you.

If needed, we adjust the Product Backlog
basing on your feedback and the changing requirements.

The next sprint is planned
according to the current Product Backlog.

Budget spent and estimated delivery time are measured and controlled
by a Project Manager. This is a vital part of the product development process.
As a result, you get a tangible effect. Ready to use and grow.

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Now we can finally launch your product!

Congratulations, this is it! You can finally grow your user base,
and generate revenue with a product optimized for performance.
Your product is launched on the market.

There are 3 types of
post-launch activities

Further product development – when
you need additional modules and features.

Product performance is being monitored
according to established product KPIs
(on business and technical level)

Any potential product-related incidents
are diagnosed and fixed.

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Do you also need software special

Our team augmentation services can work:

Under all conditions

In any given timezone

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To build a structure based on your blueprint

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