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At our React JS development company building software products means creating the user experience. The technology is among the most popular web frameworks and an open-source of everything UI. We focus on building performing applications that attract customers with beautiful user interfaces.

Our experience combined with skills and reliability results in robust code. At Code & Pepper, developers follow top industry practices so that the products they create can achieve excellent results. We pay attention to quality and approach each project with utmost care.

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As a React.js development company, we serve both startups and large organisations, helping them achieve their business goals. There are multiple advantages to going with React. We will talk about technical aspects in a second but for now let’s simply say it works. Applications run smoothly and users come back for more. With us, they will never leave.

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Having been building software for more than 15 years, we understand you may need different kinds of support: building a product from end to end,
delivering only a certain part of the app, or providing talented engineers. Our ReactJS development company has it all.

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Benefits of React JS development

Fast development

With React components you can create isolated and reusable building blocks for developing a wide range of different applications. What takes hundreds or even thousands of lines in a different technology takes only a dozen in React. Programming with components also allows for quick updates and modifications.

Component-based approach

Architecture flexibility gives a lot of freedom to designers and developers. They can shape an application any way they want, offering the best possible outcome for the market. With our React JS services, you can be sure that your product is held to the highest standards and made by an experienced team. Only experience can tame such flexibility.

Custom and reusable components

If you want to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) or proof-of-concept (PoC) and by design have limited time for doing that, you are in good hands. A seasoned React Native development company can take your concept and turn previously used components into building blocks for a new application.

Cross-platform support

The line between web and mobile applications gets thinner every year. Lines are crossed and blurred, giving priority to a seamless experience on every platform. As a React JS company, we can’t and won’t sacrifice quality and performance. That’s why we create in the spirit of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with React as a base.

Fast loading

React.js uses partial loading for Domain Object Model (DOM). This gives developers a high-performing environment for stable yet seemingly loading components and whole applications. They don’t need as much time to load and test builds, updates, and improvements, which saves costs for the client.

Seamless UX

React is designed for design. Frontend development is significantly easier and easy on the eyes. Thanks to dedicated, built-in solutions and UX-driven architecture in mind, React was made to let your application shine and attract paying customers. What is under the hood is critical but what users see attracts them in the first place.


A React.js company like ours should cherry-pick only the best and most popular technologies, frameworks, and libraries. With years of support, strong communities, and popularity among developers, they will guarantee updates and further improvements. By providing React.js services, we do just that. Outsource React development today!

Should you build software product applying React.js?

We chose React for its popularity. Choosing the right technology is not a miss congeniality contest but if you look for the entire ecosystem (libraries, additional tools, etc.) then React seems to be a natural choice. It also has very good support for TypeScript. We also can use our skills in creating mobile applications under React Native. We can also reuse parts of the code, which is beneficial for time and the project’s budget. It’s true for many areas but especially for communications with API and business logic.

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  • What is the React.js?

    ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library created by the Facebook team to make developing app user interfaces or frontend easier with a component-based architecture. After being launched way back in 2014, it became the dominant web and mobile app development technology for app projects of almost all niches.

  • Which successful digital products are built with React.js?

    React.js is becoming more and more popular and is gaining market advantage. The greatest digital products are built using this technology. Here is a list of sample applications built with React.js:

    • Netflix
    • Facebook
    • Airbnb
    • Yahoo!
    • SendGrid
  • How much does it cost to build an app with the use of React.js?

    An average cost of web application development, a mobile app development cost, or a product design cost estimate is hard to put into definitives. There are many variables and moving parts. That’s why you can use our software product calculator to find out how a product development cost curve will affect your project.

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End-to-end development and UX/UI design for a financial advisor

Aspen is a Scottish financial advisory tool. It offers investment analytics and an asset management platform for individual investors. By knowing the investors’ risk profile, the application can recommend them the right portfolio.

Code & Pepper built the application and designed the entire user experience, as well as user interface.

We worked closely with the client to create the product the right way. It needed to be simple but very efficient for daily use. React JS services were perfect for achieving this goal.

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Alexander Rainey CEO and Founder

I really value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, transparency, and detailed attention to security. These are what made the partnership trusted and solid. The product team was always very helpful in explaining all technical matters, along with a project manager who took care of work organisation.

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Aurélien Bonnel Chief Technology Officer
TradeCrediTech (Nimbla)

Code & Pepper provides high-quality, reliable code and designs. Flexible, responsive, and dedicated to client satisfaction: working with their team continues to add a lot of value to the business overall.

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Christian Schneider Co-founder

Code & Pepper has been very responsive to our business needs from the beginning. When new requirements emerged, they were both fast and diligent to provide us with candidates that fully met our requirements. Having a competent partner by your side is a great help to move quickly as a start-up!

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