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With our cross-platform React Native development services, you can write code once and
deploy it to both Android and iOS devices, reaching your entire audience on both platforms.

Expand Your Business
with Effective React Native Services

A thriving mobile application integrates three key elements: your user base, the demands of your organization or target market,
and the product itself. These factors must work in tandem to create a mobile app that offers outstanding
functionality and usability, while delivering distinct value to your company.

By utilizing appropriate techniques and tools, you can ensure that your mobile app is robustly built
and tailored to meet your organization’s objectives.

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Achieve Outcomes with a
React Native App Development Company

By partnering with a skilled React Native app development company, you can effectively merge your business objectives
with advanced technological solutions to propel your organization forward. With our experience and expertise,
we can help you achieve your desired results through our tailored React Native development services.

Expand Your Reach and Sales

With 1.8 billion people worldwide making online purchases (according to a 2021 report by Statista), it’s important to sell your products with convenience, ease, and speed. Partner with us to expand your distribution and sell more.

Boost Your Brand Exposure

According to a 2021 report by eMarketer, over 90% of smartphone usage time is spent on mobile apps. Be where your customers are and increase your brand exposure by creating a mobile app with our expert team.

Increase Engagement and Loyalty

Send relevant marketing messages at the right time and utilize push notifications to increase retention and build long-term customer loyalty. Our team can help you create an app that maximizes engagement and retention.

Optimize Your Strategy with Data

Collect and leverage data to create an exceptional user experience and increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Our team can help you optimize your tactics and create a winning mobile app strategy.

Boosting Financial Fitness with Monkee
Save Now Pay Later App

Supporting Monkee with Engineering Team Augmentation

Monkee, a promising Austrian startup, offers a savvy application that aids users in more intelligent spending and saving. This tool analyzes personal spending patterns, giving customized advice, while also allowing the definition and sharing of savings goals.

Challenged with finding the right developers locally, Monkee turned to us as a recruitment partner. Our successful scouting for a React Native expert led to further recruitment for dedicated Node developers.

Our team augmentation model has consistently proven effective and cost-efficient, strengthening the technological partnership between us and Monkee’s remote teams.

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Code & Pepper has been very responsive to our business needs. When new requirements emerged, they were fast and diligent to provide us with React Native candidates that fully met our requirements.

Create a Mobile App that Captivates
and Retains User Interest

With our top React Native mobile app development services, you can expect a harmonious fusion of skillfully constructed system architecture
and top-notch code quality.
Our team utilizes industry-standard practices and cutting-edge technologies to accelerate the app
development process and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Our Unceasing Pursuit of Excellence Ensures
Intuitive and User-friendly Mobile Applications

React Native application development is a path of constant evolution, marked by iterative problem-solving and ceaseless enhancements
for your product’s success. As technologies and user behaviors transform, we employ the right tools and proven methodologies
to meet challenges and ensure your app consistently benefits your customers and business, year after year.

Our Approach:

Understanding Your Audience & Business Model

We begin by clearly defining your mobile app’s target users and pinpointing potential revenue opportunities.

Defining the Project’s Essential Features

We focus on identifying your application’s vital features and key functionalities to better align with your goals.

Executing the Application Development Process

With a hand-picked team of experts, we breathe life into your application, perfectly aligning with your envisioned goals.

Ensuring Ongoing Improvement with Updates

We are committed to regular upkeep of your app, rectifying bugs, and persistently refining the app for the optimum user experience.

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What is React Native?

React Native is a pioneering framework that empowers developers to craft native mobile applications using JavaScript.
It offers the unique advantage of developing applications for various platforms using a single codebase, slashing both development time and cost.
Additionally, it eradicates the need for separate teams for native development, making way for a unified React Native team.

React Native vs. Native: The Better Choice?

React Native shines in app development, particularly for apps that heavily rely on user interfaces. We can efficiently create a UI compatible with iOS and Android with minimal effort, and share business logic. Besides, React Native utilizes flexbox for layout, which functions similarly across iOS, Android, and web, simplifying the learning curve.

Conversely, a native app excels when intending to leverage all features an OS offers, such as video/audio processing modules or multithreading. Given React Native’s primary focus on user interfaces, it may be less effective for apps heavily dependent on native features.

The Power of Cross-platform Mobile Development

Cross-platform mobile development emerges as a compelling alternative to native iOS and Android mobile apps. React Native is among the leading choices for mobile app development, enabling cost reduction and simultaneous development for iOS and Android.

With widespread acceptance among developers, React Native, a JavaScript framework for constructing native mobile applications, has gained significant popularity. In fact, it’s about 30% quicker to develop a dual-support React Native mobile app than separate native applications.

The React Native Advantage in App Development

Building cross-platform applications comes with a plethora of benefits. Single codebase application development saves significant time and money as it requires fewer developers. App release and update times remain consistent across both platforms.

As an open-source platform, React Native allows developers to leverage community assistance when encountering issues. Plus, with hot reloading, instant visualization of changes enhances productivity significantly.

React Native: Consistency across iOS and Android?

Although iOS and Android offer diverse features, it’s not React Native’s mandate to equalize these environments. React Native merely serves as a bridge to native components. While with effort, apps can appear identical on both platforms, it’s recommended to adhere to platform-specific UI guidelines. Fortunately, React Native makes it easy to cater UI designs to specific platform requirements.

Why Choose Code & Pepper for React Native App Development?

At Code & Pepper, our skilled React Native developers collaborate with you to create native apps that captivate and maintain user engagement. Our services not only enhance business outreach but also escalate brand visibility, nurture engagement and loyalty, optimize strategies, and expedite digital transformation journeys. React Native’s cross-platform design results in cost and time savings.

Our adept team can deliver tailored solutions to suit your unique business needs, regardless of the application’s complexity or scale. We prioritize quality and work closely with you to comprehend your goals and vision. Trust us to deliver an app that is visually appealing, user-friendly, engaging, and primed for success. Together, let’s revolutionize your digital presence with our React Native app development services.

Hire a AI-Powered, Talented Team
That Transforms Your Business Concepts into Reality

At Code & Pepper, we seamlessly fuse human creativity and AI technology to assemble high-performing teams that craft
outstanding custom mobile app solutions. Our engineers skillfully intertwine their individual talents with AI tools, establishing a fine balance
between human innovation and mechanical precision that consistently yields superior results.

Our Distinctive Talent
Selection Sets Us Apart

Our rigorous talent identification process meticulously evaluates over 70 characteristics in React Native technology, culminating in the selection of the top 1.6% of candidates as exceptional.

Our Unique Edge: Only the Crème de la Crème
Survive Our Intensive Screening Process

Our unmatched React Native services stem from a team of exceptional capability. Opting for our React Native
development firm connects you to this esteemed cluster, selectively assembled via a comprehensive
talent scouting process that scrutinizes over 70 aspects of React Native technology.


Across a year, we carried out assessments of an astounding 3083 hopefuls competing for a slot in our esteemed cohort.

1 out of 60
proves worthy

A mere 1 out of every 60 hopefuls successfully navigated our rigorous appraisals of technical skills and personal traits, securing a spot on our first-rate ensemble.

The Elite

This suggests that a mere 1.6% of candidates exhibit exceptional skills. These valued members of Code & Pepper stand ready to elevate your project to remarkable heights.

Instant Payment
App Creation

Revolutionizing German Invoicing via React Native

We empowered Moojo, an innovative app for freelancers that
facilitates instantaneous payments and efficient invoicing.
By integrating with Auth0 and Expo EAS, we delivered
a flawless user experience and automated updates.

Boosting Financial Goals
with Open Banking

Jointly Building a Novel Mobile App, Choices, with abrdn

We partnered with abrdn and DirectID to create Choices, a unique app
utilizing open banking technology. This tool smartly analyzes transactions
to suggest personalized savings strategies, reshaping modern money
management. Stay tuned for more!

Revolutionizing Jordan’s Financial Landscape

Crafting an Accessible Mobile Payment Experience

Partnering with Dinarak, Code & Pepper designed and
developed an inclusive solution that facilitates transactions,
primarily targeting the financially underserved.

Partners’ Perspectives
on Code & Pepper

Callum Dryden CTO
AZA Finance

Code & Pepper is as aligned with the delivery goals as our engineering staff. We’ve been really pleased with the performance of their coding. The best thing about working with them is consistent reliability. If I assign their engineers a task, it’s always delivered quickly, effectively, and to a standard that I’d expect.

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James Varga CEO and Founder
DirectID (The ID Co.)

We value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, responsiveness and transparency. It’s a reliable and dependable company that we can recommend for other business entities to cooperate with.

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Alexander Rainey CEO and Founder

I really value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, transparency, and detailed attention to security. These are what made the partnership trusted and solid. The product team was always very helpful in explaining all technical matters, along with a project manager who took care of work organisation.

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Industry Titans
Support Our Partners

We provide top-tier development services in the HealthTech and FinTech sectors. Our diverse client base includes dynamic disruptors
as well as those allied with leading industry figures. Become part of this innovative circle!

Our Results Speak Volumes:
The Metrics Behind Our Success

In some instances, it’s the statistics that do the talking:

15+ years
on the market

70+ software

500+ projects

Impactful Implementations
by Code & Pepper

Code & Pepper is consistently extending our global presence in vital sectors like FinTech and HealthTech. We’re proud of delivering
high-quality solutions to notable clients including AZA Finance, Patchwork, and Covertree. Each alliance unfolds a distinct tale
of groundbreaking advancements and significant influence.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Workforce Management

Patchwork, a premier HealthTech company in the UK, empowers healthcare professionals to manage their schedules and financial matters. We substantially aided their growth, deploying talented Ruby and QA engineers to refine their application architecture and functionality.

Funding Achievement: £27.7M

AZA: Redefining International Financial Transactions

AZA Finance, an international fintech firm, excels in providing top-tier foreign exchange and treasury services worldwide. Our team of proficient engineers facilitated the enhancement of their services, delivering results quickly and effectively to meet the highest standards.

Funding Achievement: $50M

CoverTree: Innovating Modular Home Insurance

CoverTree is a groundbreaking InsurTech platform catering to the modular home insurance needs in the US. We collaboratively developed their platform from scratch, ensuring compliance with regional technical, legal, and climate requirements while maintaining superior code quality.

Funding Achievement: $10M

Demystifying React Native App Development:
Answers to Your Burning Questions

Venturing into mobile app development, particularly with frameworks like React Native, can spark questions about potential benefits and impacts. If you’re unsure about how React Native could fit into your business, we’ve compiled this section of frequently asked queries that clients often ask us. In short, we aim to demystify React Native and highlight its value for your mobile app development projects. Let’s dive in.

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  • What are the applications of React Native?

    React Native is a powerful framework for crafting mobile apps that work across various platforms using JavaScript. Essentially, React Native revolves around developing multiplatform UI components with JSX, which are then translated into native code and transformed into Android and iOS views. With JavaScript powering the logic, there’s no requirement for expertise in Java, Kotlin, Objective C, or Swift to develop a mobile app with a native feel.

  • Which apps are designed with React Native?

    React Native facilitates developers in expediting the process of app creation across different platforms, as a significant portion of the code can be reused between platforms. Considering its various advantages and few drawbacks, it’s not surprising that numerous businesses opt for React Native for their mobile app development. Some notable brands using React Native include Facebook, Uber Eats,, Skype, Tesla, and Walmart.

  • How does React Native differ from React?

    React Native is an extension of React, not a separate version. It functions as a custom renderer for React, much like ReactDOM does for the web. Besides adapting React code to function on iOS and Android, React Native also provides access to platform-specific features.

  • What does the React Native app development process entail?

    The procedure of developing a React Native app is complex and demands substantial planning and meticulousness. It typically encompasses several phases, including design, coding, testing, and deployment.

    In the design phase, developers engage with clients to comprehend their needs and design an intuitive interface.

    Upon design approval, the development phase kicks off, involving the primary coding work.

    Following this, comprehensive testing is performed to assure the app’s flawless operation across diverse devices and platforms.

    Finally, the app is launched on the app store, becoming available for users. Throughout these stages, React Native developers employ cutting-edge tools and technologies to construct an app that combines functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness.

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