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Code & Pepper: your chef for Ruby on Rails solutions. We blend human talent
and AI tools, cooking up world-class software for over a decade.

The Flavorful Journey
of Code & Pepper with Ruby on Rails

Embracing Ruby’s philosophy of ‘joy in programming’, Code & Pepper boarded the Ruby on Rails express over 15 years ago.
Our flavorful journey with RoR, an influential tool for web development, has been nothing short of exhilarating,
and we’ve relished every bit of it.

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Delivering End-to-End
Ruby on Rails Development Services

Our Ruby on Rails mastery allows us to craft bespoke solutions from scratch or seamlessly integrate into your team as required.
Secure the future of your app with our dedicated developers, offering comprehensive audits, stability enhancements, and bolstered security
to supercharge user experience. With Code & Pepper, experience the taste of RoR expertise born out of rich development history.

Ruby on Rails App Development and Startup Solutions

Our seasoned team excels at crafting scalable solutions, from robust web applications to CMS and e-commerce platforms using Ruby on Rails. Especially geared towards startups, we provide rapid application development services for quick MVP launch, while building scalable web architecture to cater to the user growth.

Integration, Augmentation, and Ongoing Support

We not only enhance your web app’s potential with tailored Ruby on Rails integration and extension services, such as API, plugin, and third-party service development but also offer comprehensive ongoing support. This includes rigorous assessment of your code quality, database structure, and server infrastructure, accompanied by actionable improvement recommendations.

Code Audit and Rescue Missions

Our specialized services involve thorough code audits and consultancy, analyzing your software’s architecture and code quality for a robust future-ready business. If your project has started to derail, our rescue mission service helps to improve your code base, preserving existing functionality and business models.

Enterprise Solutions and New Projects

We spice up business-critical enterprise solutions with efficient engineering processes and integrate scalable, flexible features quickly, aiding organizational transformation with custom software on Ruby on Rails. For new ventures, our Ruby on Rails maestros offer guidance on team structure, technology stack, development process, and cost estimates.

Industry-specific Development

With our Ruby on Rails proficiency, we build efficient, secure, and scalable industry-specific solutions. Our expertise spans across financial institutions in building innovative FinTech solutions and healthcare providers for state-of-the-art, patient-centric HealthTech applications.

Scaling Up Smart Pension
with Agile Teams and Quality Code

A Rapid Expansion Journey Supported by Code & Pepper

As Smart Pension’s growth skyrocketed, Code & Pepper stepped in to aid in maintaining quality standards and driving fast-paced development.

Our agile teams, based in Warsaw and Kraków, worked seamlessly with Smart Pension’s London team, enabling an efficient expansion process. Meanwhile, we helped balance strict regulatory compliance and platform customization, crafting an advanced pension forecaster for flexible adaptation to diverse regulations.

Our commitment to clean code, Continuous Deployment, and near-perfect test coverage underscored Smart Pension’s dedication to high-quality development.

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By building dedicated teams of Ruby Engineers, Code & Pepper have helped us hire highly skilled developers into our business.

Team Up with Our Ruby on Rails Experts
for Your Next Project

Use the Ruby on Rails framework to make strong and adaptable web applications. Improve your existing solutions
with new features, fix technical problems, and make your project ready for long-term success.

Work with Top Ruby Specialists

Get full support and receive clear, easy-to-maintain code from our experienced Ruby on Rails developers.

Quickly Test Your Product Idea

With our complete development framework, you can create a proof of concept (PoC) and efficiently validate your idea, making it ideal for startups and trial projects.

Create Proven Solutions

Develop innovative Ruby on Rails solutions that are stable and scalable, helping you reach millions of users and achieve high market values.

Expand Your Team When Needed

Access our top 1.6% Rails engineers to increase your in-house team’s strength and expertise whenever you need it.

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Achieving Excellence with Confidence:
Our Tested Approach to RoR Development

Choosing an RoR development agency with the right blend of methods,
tools, expertise, and company culture is key when looking at digital
solutions, as it can be a game-changer for your project’s success.

Our product development process:

Product discovery
and prototype design

We learn about your company, business goals
and ideas behind the product to turn it into
a development-ready proposition.


We design, develop and test the product
to deliver it asap to a market that demands high standards.

Product launch
and support

We put the product on the market
and enhance it, basing on real market
user data to enable growth.

Our Award-Winning Talent and AI-Infused
RoR Development Services

At Code & Pepper, we blend human expertise and AI technology to form high-performing teams delivering outstanding results.
Our engineers skillfully integrate AI tools with their individual talents, providing a balanced mix of human innovation and machine accuracy
that consistently achieves top-quality outcomes.

1.6% Top Talents Set
Our Services Apart

Through our rigorous talent screening process, we assess over 70 unique facets of Ruby technology expertise. This enables us to pinpoint the elite top 1.6% of applicants, who truly stand out as exceptional.

Complementing Talent with AI Tools
for Enhanced Capabilities

Combining seasoned expertise with the prowess of AI, our standout
engineers harness the advantages of an AI-boosted collaboration.
This dynamic duo allows them to tackle complex challenges with
unparalleled efficiency, while highlighting their exceptional inventiveness.

  1. The Edge of AI Expertise

    Merging the potency of AI with our elite top 1.6% engineers, our human-AI alliance crafts novel and reliable solutions in FinTech and HealthTech. This amalgamation optimizes the entire software development lifecycle, setting our services apart.
    • The engineer with AI tooling competencies:

    • Code completion and suggestion

      • Knows tools that use AI to analyse code and suggest code snippets, functions, and variables based on the context in which the user is coding (examples include GitHub Copilot and TabNine).
    • Code analysis
      and review

      • Knows tools that use AI to analyse code and provide feedback on code quality, security, and performance (examples include CodeGuru, CodeClimate, and Snyk).
    • Testing and debugging

      • Knows tools that use AI to help developers create tests, find bugs, and debug code (examples include: Applitools, Functionize, and Diffblue Cover).
    • Enhanced

      • Knows AI-driven security tools that use machine learning to monitor software for potential vulnerabilities and threats (examples include Darktrace and Snyk).

Ruby on Rails Development Services
Case Studies

Code & Pepper has left a global mark, particularly in FinTech and HealthTech, with transformative work for clients like Smart Pension,
Patchwork, Finbourne, and Covertree. Each project echoes our dedication to innovation and progress.
Explore further to understand our journey and the impact we’ve created.

Patchowork: Saving Healthcare Sites £40M

Amid a critical growth phase, our Ruby experts revamped Patchwork’s architecture and functionality, boosting the UK HealthTech company’s staffing solutions and winning immense nationwide acclaim.

AZA’s BFX: Spearheading
Cross-Border Payments

Code & Pepper contributed significantly to BFX by AZA, a cross-border
payment platform. Beyond Ruby on Rails development, our role
included UI improvements and quality assurance, ensuring BFX’s
position as a leader in secure, swift international transfers.

Smart: Powering Global Workplace Pensions

Code & Pepper drove Smart Pension’s global expansion, crafting a flexible pension forecaster and maintaining exceptional code quality. Our agile teams were pivotal in their swift engineering growth.

Partner Testimonials: The Proof
of Our Excellence

Callum Dryden CTO
AZA Finance

Code & Pepper is as aligned with the delivery goals as our engineering staff. We’ve been really pleased with the performance of their coding. The best thing about working with them is consistent reliability. If I assign their engineers a task, it’s always delivered quickly, effectively, and to a standard that I’d expect.

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Martin Warner Head of Talent
Smart Pension

Code & Pepper have been instrumental in scaling our Engineering Team. By building dedicated teams of Ruby Engineers, they have helped us hire highly skilled developers into our business.

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Thomas McHugh Founder and Director

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper, including UX design and development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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Our Partners
are Backed by Industry Leaders

Serving a wide range of HealthTech and FinTech clients, many in strategic alliances with industry giants,
we champion the space for tech-savvy disruptors. Join the action!

Solidifying Our Services
Through Revealing Data

Often, it’s the quantitative data that best illustrates the profound effect of our services.

15+ Years
in Industry

70+ Software

500+ Projects

Unveiling Our Services Globally

From San Francisco and Dubai to Berlin, London, and Tel Aviv – our noteworthy services
have graced the stages of major tech events worldwide.

Common Queries About Our Ruby on Rails
Development Services

Here, we address some frequently asked questions about how we achieve quick, cost-effective development, ensure high-quality code, manage infrastructure, deploy swiftly, scale software effectively, and proactively prevent vulnerabilities in our Ruby on Rails development services.

If you’re looking for a deeper conversation or have more specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

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  • How do we ensure fast, cost-effective development with Ruby on Rails?

    We leverage open-source solutions, a repository of proprietary tools, and agile methodologies to enhance our team’s productivity, thus accelerating web development and reducing costs. Moreover, Ruby on Rails itself is an inherently efficient technology for quick product development.

  • How do we maintain uncompromised code quality?

    Our commitment to Extreme Programming (XP) – an agile software development methodology with its own coding standards, continuous integration, code ownership, and automated testing – forms the backbone of our development process, helping us achieve high levels of software quality.

  • How do we manage infrastructure and ensure fast deployment?

    Through our key DevOps practice of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), we treat configuration scripts as a part of the software system, stored in a source repository. This dynamic infrastructure makes implementing changes both safe and easy, adhering to the IaC approach across all our projects.

  • How do we build software that’s primed for scale?

    By adopting architectural styles that support highly scalable distributed systems. Our use of MonolithFirst, Clean Architecture, and Domain-Driven Design patterns facilitate transitions from monolithic or three-tier architectures to service-oriented architectures, and eventually to microservices.

  • How do we proactively prevent software vulnerabilities?

    Our adherence to the Secure Development Lifecycle standardizes security best practices across all projects, enabling us to build secure, resilient apps. We utilize Ruby security gems and assessment services to ward off major threats such as brute forcing, account hijacking, session-related threats, as well as various errors and business logic vulnerabilities.

  • How do we keep up with updates and changes in the Ruby on Rails framework?

    Our team is committed to continuous learning and professional development. We keep abreast of the latest changes and updates in the Ruby on Rails framework through continuous training, participation in industry forums, and following industry thought leaders. This commitment ensures our clients benefit from the most recent features and best practices in RoR development.

  • What industries have we worked with for Ruby on Rails development?

    Over the years, we have worked with a variety of industries including, but not limited to, FinTech, HealthTech, E-commerce, and more. This diversity of experience allows us to better understand the unique needs of different sectors and deliver tailor-made solutions.

  • How do we ensure smooth communication and transparency during the project?

    We believe in transparent and regular communication with our clients. Our dedicated project managers provide frequent updates on the project’s progress. We also use project management and collaboration tools to ensure everyone involved in the project is always updated and can contribute effectively.

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Assessing Code & Pepper’s Match
for Your Needs

Each project is unique and requires a tailored strategy. Benefit from a free consultation with our Ruby expert
to understand if Code & Pepper is the right fit for your project needs, and discover how our partnership
could enhance your venture.

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