We value Code & Pepper for the high quality of their work and for their positive attitude
Daniel Kunz, Chef Product Officer at Flink


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UI/UX makeover and end-to-end development of a data monitoring and analytics web platform

St. Gallen, Switzerland
Services: End-to-end Development, Project Management, UI/UX Design
Solutions: AWS, JavaScript, PHP

The ID Co.

PSD2 has entirely transformed the use of customer data in finance. What does it mean for FinTech?

Edinburgh, Scotland
Services: API Development, Software Architecture, Software Integration
Solutions: .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, C#, Docker, Microsoft Azure


Supporting a game-changing international payment platform with software team augmentation

Nairobi, Kenya
Services: Front-end development, Team Augmentation
Solutions: React


Skill gaps affect small technical teams even more than mature businesses – it’s time to act!

Vienna, Austria
Services: Mobile Development, Team Augmentation
Solutions: JavaScript, Node.js, React Native

Smart Pension

How to maintain Formula 1 growth speed without losing product and development quality

London, United Kingdom
Services: Project Management, Team Augmentation, Web Development
Solutions: Ruby on Rails


How to design an insurance product of the future in the era of UX, open banking and startup deadlines

London, United Kingdom
Services: End-to-end Development, Web Development
Solutions: API, InsurTech, Node.js, React


How to democratise personal finance management with a mixture of iOS, .NET and smart product development from A to Z

Edinburgh, Scotland
Services: Mobile Development, Project Management
Solutions: .NET, Cloud, DevOps, iOS


End-to-end web development and product design to boost international student mobility

Dubai, UAE
Services: End-to-end Development, Software Architecture, UI/UX Design, Web Development
Solutions: Cloud, JavaScript, Node.js, React, TypeScript


Mission: redefine selling insurance online. Status? Accomplished!

St. Gallen, Switzerland
Services: End-to-end Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development
Solutions: Angular, Front-end, InsurTech


How Code & Pepper helped Nimbla support business owners with invoice insurance and more

London, United Kingdom
Services: Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development
Solutions: API, InsurTech, Node.js, React


Why nearshore IT outsourcing can work out with an independent team – and how to get it right

London, United Kingdom
Services: Team Augmentation, UI/UX Design
Solutions: .NET, Angular, Asset Management, Front-end

Flex Funding

Smart UX and UI design brought to life with Angular for profitable investing and lending

Copenhagen, Denmark
Services: Team Augmentation, UI/UX Design, Web Development
Solutions: Angular, Front-end

Your FinTech vision is about to come true